Dressing for the Holidays with a Capsule Wardrobe from Chico’s

It's that time of year again when we start to reflect on the year that was and prepare for the year ahead. It's also a great time to take stock of our wardrobes and see what items are missing from our closets! Capsule wardrobes have many uses. From daily work life to travel and for family trips for the holidays. Since the holidays are a time for exchanging gifts and good cheer, why not make yourself a more versatile wardrobe?

They're perfect for when you need to pack up and go!

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Wearing: Chico's Faux-Suede Shirt (in classic navy) + Tailored Ponte Leggings (in navy) + bateau sweater (in ivory)*

Disclosure: This ‘Dressing for the Holidays’ post is a sponsored collaboration with Chico's. As always ALL opinions are my own.

I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with Chico's on a few projects. The pieces I selected from those projects are in regular rotation in my closet. In fact, I incorporated some of them into this shoot I did too! The clothing is classic, stylish, that works well with each other. Each season Chico's offers a curated collection of chic, women's clothing, jewelry, and accessories that you can build on year after year.

Why are capsule Wardrobes perfect for the holidays? Mainly because you can reuse the same items over and over in new outfits. Family get-togethers might be stressful or be busy with activities and cooking, the last thing you want to do is to worry about what you are wearing.

Chico's Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

While capsule wardrobes can be used year-round, they work particularly well for the holiday season.

If you're like most people, your wardrobe does not have enough holiday-party outfits. You'll need something festive, something sparkly or silky, but nothing too formal. This is where capsule wardrobes come in handy! Capsule wardrobes are all about mixing and matching pieces from your closet with affordable steals to create new outfits!

Let me show you how to create a holiday capsule wardrobe that will keep you looking festive through New Year's. Not only will these capsule wardrobes keep you looking good, but they'll ensure that you're not a slave to the mall. With a little organization and creativity, you'll have a holiday capsule wardrobe ready in no time!

Wearing: Chico's No-Iron Stretch Striped Tunic.

Here are tips and tricks for creating your own holiday capsule wardrobe:

  • First things first, you'll need to take stock of your wardrobe. This is the best way to stay organized and maximize the use of space in your closet AND your suitcase! 
  • Start by sorting your closet in two piles, one for items you wear often and another for items that are either rarely worn or more of a hassle to get out. Be honest with yourself about what you truly like and want to be able to get more use out of.
  • Once you know what's working already, make a list of pieces you'd like to add, such as a holiday party dress.
  • The capsule wardrobe rules will come into play during this step. Cut your list down to the essentials and don't be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone with colors or materials! Focus on what works for your body type and you'll have a great base before you know it.
  • Finding pieces that work for your body type on a budget is always helpful!
  • Try to stick to 2-3 main color palettes to create easy outfits. You can also rely on neutrals like black, gray, navy blue, and brown for the same effect!
  • You'll need at least one holiday dress, but it doesn't have to be expensive! My current favorite is this velvet dress which is in the Traveler collection, so you guessed it, it travels well!
  • For a holiday party outfit, you might consider mixing and matching items from your closet with some affordable steals.
  • While it may be tempting to shop and spend money on the latest trends, you can definitely make it work using what you already own!
  • Your holiday capsule wardrobe doesn't need to cost a ton of money (or time). With a little organization and creativity, you'll have a holiday capsule wardrobe ready in no time!
  • Now you'll need to build the wardrobe around your list. What are the basics? A pair of comfy pants or jeans, dresses, skirts, and tops in different weights. These items can be mixed and matched for several outfits while also keeping you warm and festive during the holidays.
  • Don't be afraid to incorporate accessories such as scarves, belts, and jewelry into your outfits. You can also use these items to contribute to your capsule wardrobe for the rest of the year!
  • When it comes down to it, capsule wardrobes are all about creativity and knowing how to mix basics in different ways. Don't be afraid to get creative when you're putting together your holiday capsule wardrobe!

I hope these tips for creating your own holiday clothing will help you build out an entire seasonal wardrobe. It's all about getting creative and mixing different colors and materials together so don’t be afraid of going outside of your comfort zone!

Wearing: Chico's Petite Super Soft Jeans + Turtleneck (in classic navy) + Elongated Faux-Suede Jacket (in double espresso).

It can be challenging to find holiday outfits that don't break the bank and that you can wear into the New Year. But with a capsule wardrobe, you'll know how to mix and match your clothes in order to create new outfits without spending too much money or time!

With the 8 pieces that I got from Chico's, I was able to create 16 outfits, add in the pieces from previous projects and there are countless more!

Wearing: Chico's Ponte 5-Pocket Slim Pants (in heather grey) + Turtleneck (in classic navy).

Capsule wardrobes work year-round – not just during the holidays! So if you're looking for affordable attire that won't take up tons of space in your closet or suitcase, look no further than your own wardrobe.

AND, if you have someone on your list that you would like to help get started on their own capsule wardrobe adventure, get them started with a few selections from Chico's!

How about you? Have you started planning your holiday outfits? Have you considered a capsule wardrobe? Do share!

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collage of holiday outfits from Chico'sGirl in grey pants and blue turtleneck sitting on outdoor couchcollage of holiday outfits from Chico's

*Note: You can replace the bateau sweater in the first photo with this cowl.

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