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Currently | 3.30.19

Watching | Queer Eye
> Mr. Misadventures and I re-watched Game of Thrones Season 7 in preparation for the Season 8 premiere in April. The only problem right now is figuring out how we are going to watch it without having HBO! When Season 7 came out we got the “free HBO for the weekend” special that ran in July or August of 2017 and we power watched it! Here's hoping HBO will do that again. In the meantime, I am also watching the latest season of Queer Eye.

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This show makes me feel so good. I never watched the original series (although I love Ted Allen) but I am hooked on these guys. Also watched the Triple Frontier on Netflix – great cast, lousy movie. We're catching up on Oscars films as well: The Green Boo (loved!), The Favorite (nah) and Bohemian Rhapsody (yes!). I still want to see Black Klansman.

Currently March 2019_Devour Phoenix Food Festival at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix Arizona USA

Reading | In the Chasms of Water, Stone, and Light

> I haven't been reading a lot since I finished Love & Ruin but I have been enjoying the imagery in In the Chasms of Water, Stone, and Light: Passages through the Grand Canyon, a book that is super timely given the 100th anniversary of the creation of Grand Canyon. We have been to the South Rim 4 times and to the North Rim twice. We are going back this fall to do some backcountry camping at the North Rim, but we would love to hike it and raft it!

Working On | Click! Collaborative Events
> Last April I attended a blogger/photographer shootout and had a blast. Not only did I meet some great Phoenix-based people, but I also got more comfortable being in front of the camera and garnered photo content for my social media and blog that I am still using! The person who hosted that event moved to Reno and left a gap in the market, so I decided I wanted to fill it. Mainly because I think it is a great way to always have fresh photos.

I met my partner, Liz of Cactus Fox Photography at that same event and hired her for other photo shoots. We hit it off and when I told her about my idea she asked if I needed help and Click! Collaborative was born! We did a trial run last December at the gorgeous Mountain Shadows Resort. It was a big success so we got official with a logo and a website and just announced our second event at Mountain Shadows' sister property, the epic Hotel Valley Ho! We're planning future events as we speak, it's a ton of fun!

Feeling | Enthusiastic 
> The efforts I have been making on the blog updating posts from an SEO perspective, adding larger photos and pins, is starting to pay off. I've got Mr. Misadventures interested in SEO as well, so with his engineering and data-driven mind, I'm sure that keyword research is going to be a no-brainer going forward!

Planning |  Our Brittany Trip 

> Due to a combination of circumstances were headed to Brittany for 10 days! We absolutely LOVE the region of France. We've done two 2-week road trips there and spent a weekend there during our trip to Paris last October. We will be using our beloved Cancale as a home base and then doing day trips in the morning (I will be working mid-day until the evening for my day job) and road trips on the weekend.

We are going to take advantage of every single day to explore new places and capture newer, better photos from old favorites so that I can update blog posts! Of course, we will be eating lots of crepes and oysters plus cheese, cider and much, much more as well!

Loving |  Weather! 

> After the coldest and wettest winter that Arizona has experienced in a very long time, we are finally getting the temperatures that this corner of the country is known for! Our days are now 75-85 and we've been able to get out to do hikes on the weekend. We're super excited about our new Tepui tent that fits on the top of the truck and we cannot wait to take it for a spin!

My Favorite Photo | Tiptoe through the Poppies

Andi amongst the Poppies at Santa Catalina State Park in Arizona in her Jambu Cherry Blossom Shoes in Navy-02

The behind-the-scenes on this photo is one for the books. I was trying to lay on the ground and ended up using one of Mr. Misadventures knee pads he has for shooting while trying not to smoosh any poppies and making sure that no animal came out of the burrow that was right next to where I was lying.

In addition, I could not tell you when the last time I did any ab exercises so holding this position while the hubby got his camera settings the way he wanted was an effort! Still, I think it turned out great and I truly love these shoes! If you are interested, Jambu kindly provided me a promo code for readers to get 15% off entire purchase on Jambu.com.

That's my month, what's CURRENTLY going on with you?

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