Currently July 2019

Currently | 7.27.19

Watching | Queer Eye Season 4
> Eight flights give you plenty of time to catch up on Netflix! I cried during each and every episode of season 4 of Queer Eye which was beyond embarrassing on a plane! I hope they keep doing this show!  I also watched what seems to be the last season of Girlfriends Guide to Divorce (#5); Always be my Maybe (So adorable! Loved the San Francisco scenes and the Keanu Reeves cameo.) and Dead to Me Season 1 which is morbidly entertaining!

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Currently July 2019

Reading | How Did You Get That Shot?
> Living with a photographer who enjoys landscapes I got particular pleasure out of reading this book from David Skernick who shares what lenses and how he shot over 100 images across the United States. I also recently went to a photography exhibit at the Yellowstone Art Museum in Billings where the photographer shared a little story or notes on each of the photos and it was so amusing to see how much of the stubbornness, determination, and idiosyncrasies of the photographer exactly described Mr. Misadventures!

Working On | My low carb life
> I got back to a stricter low carb diet for 2 weeks then headed on a project in Billings which has ah-mazing food and then spent almost a week in Raleigh, North Carolina which also has ah-mazing food, but I will be back on the bandwagon to shake off 5 pounds that quietly found their way back on my body. Carb counting just allows me to make smarter choices and I will be doing that for a month before continuing to follow my “regular” low carb lifestyle.

Feeling | Excited 
> I got a new job! And I am beyond thrilled! I am working at a truly amazing tech company where culture is one of the most important assets they have. If you haven't worked in a corporate environment you may not know how rare that it, but I'll tell you it is like finding a magical unicorn! I just spent the last week at their headquarters in Raleigh and every minute that passed only confirmed how happy I am with this new opportunity! Plus I had some great food at Beasley's Chicken + Honey (um, I went there TWICE in one week) and Sitti a wonderful Lebanese spot. Each morning I had my Counter Culture cold brew at Tama Tea which made me a very happy girl. The last time I had Counter Culture coffee was my last week of work in San Francisco, from Coffee Cultures. Since Counter Culture coffee is a North Carolina brand it is everywhere!

Planning |  Content
> You know me, got to throw in some of that behind-the-scenes blog life stuff. I am slowly but surely trying to complete my stories from our trip to Brittany along with posts on a trip to Ajo (Arizona), a wonderful staycation in Scottsdale at La Hermosa, a photography trip to Monument Valley, a trip to Billings (Montana) and summer travel fashion. At the same time, I am still plugging away on optimizing old posts from an SEO perspective and creating new pins for the ever-hungry and almighty Pinterest. As far as Instagram goes, they changed the algorithm again and I can't be bothered to figure it out, so if you want to help a blogger out, engage (like, comment, etc) with a few photos for me!

Loving | My clean toilet
> Okay, I know that sounds weird. And trust me, the toilets in my house ARE clean, but Arizona has extremely hard water that leaves an impossible-to-remove ring around the toilet water. I had tried everything to get rid of it with no luck. Then one day I caught a headline on a blog that grabbed my attention: How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Toilets (without scratching the porcelain!) and Jessica of The Forked Spoon became my new heroine! I followed her “recipe” and my toilets not only are clean but LOOK clean too! Just a small thing, but it makes me happy!

My Favorite Photo | Monument Valley Sunset

Andi in Monument Valley Utah

I'm going to write about our photography trip to Monument Valley, but until then I will leave you with this sunset shot from the “cow pies” overlooking Mitchell Mesa. We had a very long and amazing day in and around Monument Valley and its back-country culminating in this moment.

That's my month, what's CURRENTLY going on with you?

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Currently July 2019

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  1. Subhashish Roy says:

    Great knowing about your July. For me it was time to start focusing on my professional commitments in addition to my blogging after a wonderful holiday in May-June

  2. Viano Dee says:

    Awesome! It’s good to know everything is working out fine for you… Mine isn’t bad either. 🙂

  3. This is awesome – great to know how your July month was. Mine wasn’t bad at all – working on my recipes and blogs all the time. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Samantha Donnelly says:

    I do love posts like this, it sounds like you have had a grat July, I had an good and bad July so glad August is here

  5. Jaana McEntee says:

    Its great hearing about your July! It sounds very interesting 🙂 We did lots of hiking, lots of sightseeing & delicious ice creams were involved 🙂

  6. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    Glad to know that you had a good month! Mine was okay, travel plans pushed through and right now catching up with some writings that are due soon. I love that photo of the sunset at Monument Valley!

  7. Cindy Gelpi says:

    Congratulations on your new job! It makes such a difference when you enjoy your life at your workplace. Love that photo as well! I’m an American living in Croatia for a year and am missing the some of the things you mention from back home. Hope you have a great August! ❤️

  8. pooja Malkani says:

    Toilet….. I stay with two naughty boys so I wish I could get that that clean toilet from you. hahaha
    Seems like July was a great month for you. Following a low carb diet is amazing… Stay healthy and Good luck for August

  9. Brian Cicioni says:

    I think I’m going to check out HOW DID I GET THAT SHOT. Thanks for the other reading suggestions as well!

  10. I’m not sure which topic I dislike the most right now … toilets or Instagram. I’m pretty frustrated with Instagram but remaining hopeful.

  11. Julie Stine says:

    Andi, I tried your method for cleaning the hard water stains out of my toilet and it worked great. Do you have a solution for cleaning water stains off glass sh0wer doors?
    I also love you stories about AZ life. Some day I will relocate to that area.