Currently January 2015

Currently | 1.11.15


Watching | The West Wing.
With my recent flights I got caught up on The Originals and Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce.

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Reading | Honolulu by Alan Brennert.
Just finished Moloka’i by Alan Brennert. (Thanks Katie!) on Friday.

Working On | Blog updates and refreshing old posts.
Also finishing my blog posts from my trip to Tuscany and Paris in May!

Feeling | Enthusiastic
Jessica is doing great. The hubby and I are traveling again!

Planning | The most efficient way to support my mission to REFINE.
Also thinking about Esther’s Gratitude Challenge.

Loving | My new project work with Buick.
There will be a lot more on that!

My Favorite Photo | My birthday brunch!
It was a delicious way to end a quick trip to Seattle, our first trip in 6 months!


What is CURRENTLY going on with you?

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  1. The books on Hawaii you’ve read sound like something I’d really like!
    I am currently reading A Venetian Affair. The prologue alone was enough to hook me immediately! I highly recommend it if you enjoy Venetian history.
    Happy belated birthday to you – that brunch looks like a great way to begin your day!

    1. @Murissa, I really liked the first one and am devouring the second. I will put the Venetian Affair one in the queue for next book I read, thanks for the suggestion!

  2. your seattle meal looks so amazing!! i need to go back and refresh quite a few posts too. bahh.. it never ends! can’t wait for you to try the gratitude challenge. 😀

  3. I was at NAIAS with Ford! I wish I would have seen this a few days ago so I could have met you. It’s always nice to meet fellow bloggers.

  4. Yum as everyone else has said that brunch looks amazing. Better than anything I’ve eaten today! These posts are so fun!

    1. @Cynthia, it is! On the last season now! Can’t believe I never saw it before. It has been great for my husband to see how politics works in the US.

  5. That brunch looks so amazing, I’ve put that restaurant on my must-eat in Seattle list, will definitely check it out on my next visit 🙂

    1. @Margarita, please do, they are fairly new so they welcome the visits. I want to go back for their fried chicken!

  6. I love reading about your life, it’s always fascinating to me 🙂 <3 I'm currently working on my boys next semester agenda. It's a daunting, time consuming task but they're getting more work done then I thought they would by the 2015 mark.

    1. @Joy, I love breakfast for dinner! My hubby is not as much a fan so I ALWAYS do it when he is on biz trips 😉

  7. HI!! sorry I mis’d your Bday, but Happy Birthday and wishing you many more 🙂 that brunch looks yummy!! and so glad all is going well and good for you .. have a wonderful evening , day , afternoon 🙂 be blessed

  8. I love the idea of “currently.” Currently, I am gearing up for the 55th legislature. I do grassroots advocacy, so I’m bracing myself for a busy time. I’m thinking a lot about what I want to say — not blogging much — but working on the blog. Trying to find my voice, which has been missing. My big project right now is a plastic bottle cap mural of Mary. It’s the 3rd grade auction project. I hope someone buys it! =) Happy Day, Andi.

  9. I love this and love the whole idea of “currently!” I’m reading All the Light We Cannot See, which is gorgeous, drooling over that birthday brunch of yours and happy to be working on Buick with you 🙂

    1. @Lois, I am so glad you liked it, I borrowed it from another blogger and I have seen several others doing it. I think it is an easy way to keep everyone updated on my day-to-day without boring others!

  10. I’m currently watching “Fargo” mini-series and it’s super good. I highly recommend it to you if you haven’t seen it. I also found a new wanderlust soul @ http://www.48houradventure.com/. It’d be awesome if you could have an interview with him. Happy weekend to you!

    1. @Mai, I keep hearing that about Fargo! I also heard that for the next season they are bringing on a whole new cast, that is super interesting!

  11. Love this! Can’t wait to see your pictures from Tuscany. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED Italy. I dream of returning everyday.

  12. Honolulu and Molokai are my go to books if anyone asks for recommendations. I adore those stories. I do love the idea of your “currently” post. What a great discussion starter!

    1. @Andee, it is has been so interesting to see the amount of people that love these books, they were completely off my radar before Katie mentioned them!

  13. Happy belated birthday! I’m looking forward to all you have going on! I’m thinking about a gratitude challenge too. Trying to keep being grateful at the forefront.