Chateau Villandry

Chateau Villandry France Gardens 3

Chateau Villandry in Villandry, France has a lovely castle, but you really visit Villandry for its home. The Loire Valley has so many outstanding chateaus, this one does not compete. But what Chateau Villandry has in spades is absolutely gorgeous gardens. In all my visits to chateaus throughout France, nothing comes close to Villandry. The good thing is that they are open all year round (even when the actual chateau is closed) and with its 10 gardeners, things are always changing! There are 6 gardens on the property and you can wander around for hours and photograph away. I like macro shots, Mr. Misadventures, landscape. Doesn't matter as the gardens offer plenty of opportunities to practice either!

Chateau Villandry France Gardens 7

There are 6 gardens – the ornamental kitchen garden, ornamental garden, water garden, medicinal garden, sun garden, and mazes.

Chateau Villandry France Gardens

Chateau Villandry France Gardens 3

The best views are when you get a little height.

Chateau Villandry France Gardens from Above

Chateau Villandry France Gardens 9

Chateau Villandry France Gardens 8

Chateau Villandry is by far one of my favorites! Parking is free and right next to the chateau, the town of Villandry has a wonderful little picnic area, although the chateau does have a little restaurant. The chateau is 15 minutes from Tours near the A10 and A85 Autoroutes and only 2 hours and 30 minutes from Paris, so it can definitely be a day trip from Paris or part of a Loire Valley road trip.  We swung by on our way back from our Brittany road trip back into Paris and it was a nice break for lunch and a stroll through the gardens.

How about you? Have you been to Chateau Villandry? have I piqued your interest? Do tell!

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Chateau Villandry in Loire France Chateau Villandry in Loire France Chateau Villandry in Loire France Chateau Villandry in Loire France

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  1. Lady Jennie says:

    The colors in this picture are phenomenal! That dark sky with the white building and crimson flowers …

  2. Alice hartman says:

    How’d you get the height? Hopefully not a drone that annoyed the other visitors.

    1. @Alice, nope, no drone. There is a hill behind the chateau as well as roof access (not always open) and a trail along the side of the chateau on the hill looking down.