French Friday – Cannes France – A Great Day Trip from Nice

Cannes France…is there any place on Earth that screams glamour more than this city on the French Riviera? With its luxury shops, palatial hotels and gourmet restaurants, not to mention golden beaches filled with bikini-clad sunbathers, playboys cruising about in luxury cars and of course the annual film festival, the place is something of a magnet for the rich and famous.

Cannes a short drive from Nice

Cannes, just a short drive from Nice

But you don’t need to stay in the city itself and pay its high prices to get a slice of the glamour, nearby Nice makes for a much more affordable base, as well as being a beautiful and cultured city in its own right. Located just 30 minutes away, you can rent yourself a car in Nice and then make the leisurely drive along the coast for a day-trip in Cannes. Below are a few suggestions of what you should do and see while you’re there.

Movie magic

Cannes Film Festival Cannes France
Of course, the first thing you think about when someone mentions Cannes is the film festival. Running from mid to late May, tickets for the festival itself, held at the Palais des Festivals, are pretty hard to come by and usually only reserved for industry insiders. But you can still get your hands on free tickets to screenings for selected individual films, usually after they have already been shown for the first time.

Head to the Cannes Cinephilesticket booth outside the Palais des Festivals to see what’s available. Alternatively, celebrity spotting at the Palais is a favorite pass time during festival season. You can watch the film stars make their way down the red carpet. Get there early as crowds can build up quickly.

Meanwhile, if you’re not in town for the festival, a trip to the Palais des Festivals to see where the magic takes place is still worth it, even if just for the good photo op.

A taste of luxury at ZPlage

ZPlage Cannes France

Photo credit: Carrier Cannes Martinez

If simply observing the stars on the red carpet is not enough, you can feel like one yourself at least for a few hours by heading to Hôtel Martinez and its famed restaurant/bar ZPlage. It may be pricey, but this is a favorite haunt of the rich and famous when they visit Cannes and lunch or a drink here is an unforgettable experience.

Enjoy the luxurious surroundings as you sip on a freshly made cocktail and look out across the sea.

Explore the port and take a boat to the islands

Iles de Lerins Cannes France

Photo credit:

Take a stroll down to the picturesque Vieux Port (Old Port) of Cannes to see a mix of small fishing boats and luxury yachts and explore the nearby streets, which are great for shopping as well as finding somewhere for a drink or bite to eat.

From the port, you can also catch a boat out to the Lerins Islands. These comprise four islands, two of which are uninhabited, located just off the coast of Cannes. One of them, Ile St Marguerite, is where the famous Man in the Iron Mask was held for 11 years. Meanwhile, the only inhabitants of Ile St Honorat are a group of Cistercian monks, who have called the island home continuously since AD410.

Visitors can explore the monks’ stark medieval church and see the ruins of the 11th-century monastery on the sea’s edge.

Relax on the beach

Plage du Gray d'Albion Cannes France

There’s no shortage of sandy beaches in Cannes. Unfortunately though for day visitors many of these are owned by hotels and reserved exclusively for their guests. However, Plage du Gray d’Albion, situated just 200 meters from La Croisette, is one of the exceptions. Although also owned by a hotel, this beach is open to the public, but you’ll need to pay for a lounger and parasol. Still, there’s nothing like chilling out on a beautiful beach in one of the most glamorous cities in the world.

How about you? Have you been to Cannes or Nice? What did you think?

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Cannes France

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  1. Beautiful post. I have been before, but was not well informed and didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I should have! Nice tip about Plage du Gray d’Albion, too!

  2. Ithink I might choose a place less popular as I prefer secluded areas, but this would be fun to see for a day or two!

  3. I loved Cannes when I went 2 decades ago. It was just the glamor a young girl like me needed. Nice is another story. 2 people who visited saw violence (one witnessed a stabbing, the other gotten beaten and robbed).

  4. Maria Malaveci says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I have always wanted to go to Cannes. It looks so very beautiful!

  5. Wow! Cannes looks so beautiful! Maybe I’ll be able to visit one day!

  6. InezbyDesign says:

    It looks so beautiful! Maybe one day…

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