Being a lifelong Francophile married to a native-born Frenchman, France is like a second home to us!


Paris view of Eiffel Tower from rooftop

Paris is always a good idea, but sometimes navigating one of the most popular cities in the world can leave you frustrated. Let me show you my Paris!

French Life + Culture

Andi with book on French fashion

The French are a unique culture and navigating the ins and outs isn’t always easy! I’m totally fascinated by the French and I share my favorite anecdotes and tips.

Brittany (Bretagne)

Pink rock in Brittany France

Brittany (Bretagne) is a beautiful region in western France along the Atlantic coast. Check out these stories and guide to the medieval villages, charming seaports, remote islands, and epic food, and drink.


Honfleur, France

Normandy in the north of France is known for its coastline including white-chalk cliffs and WWII beachheads. But it also has gorgeous countryside full of cows, apples, and cheese!

Loire Valley

Chateau de Amboise medieval castle, Leonardo Da Vinci tomb. Loir

Traveling through the picturesque Loire Valley is a dream! Stunning chateaus and lots of wine, who could ask for a better combo!

More of France

Panoramic view of Le Suquet- the old town,  Port Le Vieux and La

So many people visit France without ever leaving Paris. France is blessed with a huge variety of landscapes, climates, and sub-cultures to explore.