I’ve found that no matter what your reason for traveling is, what type of traveler you are, or by which means you travel, the simple fact of exploring your surroundings near and far brings you great rewards. Travel is a huge part of what makes me, me!


Road in the desert

From coast to coast and everything in between the destinations inside the United States will help you understand just how truly distinct the best of America's landscapes, cultures and climates can be!


Florence Italy scene

Europe is full of countries known for their preserved cultural heritage and museums, vibrant food scene, open borders, and fantastic transportation. The hard part is deciding where to go!


Kyoto rooftop

Asia is full of intrigue, spirituality, and ancient wonder, not to mention an incredible variety of epicurean delights!

Rest of the World

Casco Viejo, Panama city

Latin America, Africa, and other locations a little more off of MY beaten path!

Travel Gear

Andi in front of airplane with suitcase and bad

From clothing to bags and luggage, packing organizers, and every accessory in between, I’m constantly curating my favorites and sharing them with you!

Travel Tips

Andi in car on road trip

We all know how tough it can be to travel. It's a hassle to pack, you have to deal with transportation and meals, and more. Here are travel tips to make your life easier.

Traveler Tuesday

Travel Blogger

Meet a brand new travel blogger every single week – how they became passionate about travel, what are their favorites, and what they bring on a trip.