J’adore Frenchie Finds April 2021

If you are looking for ideas for Mother's Day gifts for Francophiles, I've got you covered. Even if you aren't looking for something for la fête des mères, but have a France lover or Frenchie wannabe in your life with a birthday, or another special occasion event, these will work for you as well! You really don't need a holiday to buy your favorite Francophile a little something, something, trust me, they will be “très content” with any of these gifts.

Now onto this month's French Finds!

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Vetements (Clothing) + Mode (Fashion)

Mer|Sea Amour Sweater

Mer Sea Amour Sweater

I really, really want this Mer|Sea Amour Sweater BUT I love all 3 styles and can't seem to pick one to get. I know I better hurry up because if I wait too long they may be out of stock, but I am struggling, I know, first-world problems. This is a beautiful line of clothing and accessories created by two friends who were inspired by the beach and French lifestyle. The clothes look super comfy, I want to be their ambassador!

Clare V.

Clare V T-Shirts

If your giftee has been a very good girl, then splurging on a Clare V. t-shirt may be just the gift you need. At $99 they are on the expensive side, but I am always checking in on the Gifts Under $150 section for sales!  At least the purchase of this Every Mother Counts shirt has 30% of its purchase price going to this organization that ensures pregnancy and childbirth are safe for every mother, everywhere. It's is the ten-year anniversary of this organization founded by Christy Turlington Burns, so this t-shirt is even more special. I personally love the Ça Suffit one which I think is appropriate in the age of The Queen (reference here).

Headline French Bulldog Shirt

Headline Bulldog T-Shirts

If you are looking for a more reasonably priced option in t-shirts, check out this hilarious French Bulldog tee from Headline.  Although I don't love that it is unisex sizes only, I do like the price tag of $20 so I have picked one up! It will be perfect for jeans (denim or white) and my Jambu Cherry Blossoms in blue or red!

Ouate de Phoque

Ouate de Phoque shirts

Your Frenchie friend will really have to understand French to appreciate anything from Ouate de Phoque! The pronunciation is WTF! Ouate = cotton swab/end of a q-tip/ de = of / Phoque = seal.  It is a play on words only a Francophile will adore! If you have a choice of Ouate de Phoque OR Phoque Datte (Seal + date, like the fruit) there are 4 styles of shirts from hoodies to tees, hats, and other accessories. I giggle each time I see it!

Livres (Books)

A Table in Paris

Books make the perfect gift for francophiles, I love books set in Paris or about Paris or French life and foods. Here are NEW releases that your Francophile friends and/or family member may not have yet:

Pour Les Enfants

Kylie the Crocodile in Paris

I forgot to mention this one in March – désolée! This book is based on the true story of a woman in Paris who released a crocodile into the Canal St. Maartin, an interview that Oliver Gee famously had on his podcast and which he and his illustrator-slash-shoe designer wife have converted into a children's book, Kylie the Crocodile in Paris. Don't miss Oliver's book for grown-ups, Paris on Air which came out in 2020.

If you are looking for more children's activities, print out my free Paris Coloring Pages!

Discover Beaujolais

red wine bottle, grapes, cheese and wine glass

Wine is always a good idea and a great gift! My new favorite? Beaujolais from a region of France not too far from where I used to live. You or your Francophile friend or family member may think they know Beaujolais because of Beaujolais Nouveau, but there are so many more wines to discover in this region!

Et voilà! That's this month's list of gifts for Francophiles!

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How about you? Have you seen a gift that you think would make a Francophile's day? Do share!

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collage of gifts for francophiles: books, clothing, toyscollage of gifts for francophiles: books, clothing, toyscollage of gifts for francophiles: books, clothing, toys

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  1. melissa chapman says:

    I will definitely get a bottle of that wine it sounds like the way to end the evening perfectly. I could use a sweater and your choices seem just right.

  2. Amber Myers says:

    You had a wonderful list here. I would love so many things. Those sweaters are fabulous.


    These are all great gift suggestions although the wine would be my choice. There is nothing like a lovely glass of wine whilst relaxing at home in front of the tv after a long day.

  4. Tara Pittman says:

    These are some great finds. I do love so many of those shirts.

  5. Monica Simpson says:

    I love those sweaters with the heart elbow patches!

  6. These are all wonderful gift ideas. I would love to receive any of these items.

  7. Nikki Wayne says:

    I would love to receive some of these myself,hehe, thanks for the idea!

  8. Gervin Khan says:

    I love those shirts and sweaters. They have cute designs and look so comfy.

  9. That French Bulldog shirt is so perfect for my mother-in-law. She goes crazy over them!

  10. Wine always wins it for me as a gift to a francophile. Thanks for the gift ideas

  11. Lori Bosworth says:

    Those Mer Sea sweaters are so nice. What a clever name! I also like the tees!

  12. This sounds like great choice as mother’s day gifts I love good wine any day as my gift.

  13. Everything Enchanting says:

    Such a great list of products! I love that French Bulldog shirt, so cute 😍