Frenchie Finds July 2021

If you are looking for ideas for Bastille Day gifts for Francophiles, I've got you covered. Even if you aren't looking for something for la fête nationale, but have a France lover or Frenchie wannabe in your life with a birthday, or another special occasion event, these will work for you as well! You really don't need a holiday to buy your favorite Francophile something, we love receiving gifts all year round bien sûr!

Now onto this month's French Finds! Always stuff you need, things I love!

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Pour la Maison

Red + Navy Table Settings

red and navy table settings from Sophistiplate

Perfect for your Bastille Day celebration (or for the 4th of July next year) this red and blue gingham or red and navy stripe table setting from Sophistiplate is something you want in your cabinet so that you can pull them out to entertain throughout the year! They are paper, so after your meal, simply pick them up and throw them away, et voilà, clean up is fini!

Caravan Gingham Linen Napkins

Caravan Gingham Linen Napkins on a plate

If you are looking to add a little French to your table you cannot go wrong with these Caravan Gingham Linen Napkins from Pottery Barn. I wouldn't use them for a fancy dinner, but they are perfect for casual fare or an apéro with a charcuterie board.  If you want a simpler design, they do have these Gingham Cotton Napkins in 3 colors as well.

Gingham Lacquer Tray

Gingham Lacquer Tray from Mark and Graham

Now I am not saying to gingham your whole life, but you can certainly pick and choose what works best for your home or that of your giftee! Mix and match with solid red, navy, or white, the gingham will be a lovely accent! I like this gingham lacquer tray from Mark & Graham in either square or round. I would use it to serve drinks during my apéro, but I also like this gingham (or Vichy) print pitcher

Paris Mugs from Sur La Table

Sur La Table Paris Mugs

Looking for a cute mug for your favorite hot beverage or a gift for a friend who loves her café? Grab one of these mugs from Sur La Table while they last! There is MontmartreCanal St Martin, Notre Dame, and Arc de Triomphe which is mislabeled – it looks like just a Paris café street scene, but still cute.

Gingham Check Organic Cotton Sheet Set

Gingham Check Organic Cotton Sheet Set from Pottery Barn

Now we leave the kitchen and head to the bedroom. Oh la la! While personally, I would not have an entire bed of gingham, I would mix gingham in with solid blue or white sheets (which I have). Love these sheers from the Pottery Barn and by buying the full set of gingham organic cotton sheets I would have the option to mix either sheets or pillowcases with a solid color at will. 

Gingham Waterproof Picnic Blanket

Gingham Waterproof Picnic Blanket from Mark and Graham

Take it outside, I love a picnic! Wouldn't dare have one without the classic picnic blanket! I prefer the blue, but Mark + Graham have both red and blue versions of their gingham waterproof (very handy!) picnic blanket

Pour Les Chiens

Vichy Print (Gingham) Dog Bowl

Gingham Dog Bowl and French bulldog

You wouldn't want to leave out your toutou! Your beloved pouch could have his or her own Vichy print (gingham) dog bowl to eat or drink in style.  There is also a bandana, a blanket, a pillow, and a pet mat, all in gingham! Remember, mixing and matching with a solid is going to look the best!

Vetements (Clothing) + Mode (Fashion)

Merci T-shirt

Merci T-shirt from Suburban Riot

I just bought this Merci T-shirt from Suburban Riot and cannot wait to wear it. Coming to Instagram soon! It is soft and fun as most of my graphic tees tend to be! 

Soludos Espadrilles

Soludos Espadrilles

Au secours ! I cannot choose on this one! 99% of my shoes are Jambu, but I think these espadrilles are darling and want to get a pair. My only problem is I can't decide which! These are my favorites:

Totes from Margot Elena

Totes from Margot Elena

Having a sold tote bag to carry your purchases – whether it is food or otherwise is a must-have in Paris and one of my tips for shopping in Paris. I love this small French Lessons tote (which I bought for myself) and French Kiss Market Tote from Margot Elena.

Coucou Medina Motto Basket

Coucou Medina Motto Basket

Looking for a casual beach or farmer's market bag? Check the Coucou Medina Motto Basket from Mer | Sea. I love the Egalité one as well!

Livres (Books) + Papeterie (Stationary)

Gifts for Francophiles Books

Books make the perfect gift for francophiles, I love books set in Paris or about Paris or French life and foods. Here are NEW releases (and an old classic!) that your Francophile friends and/or family member may not have yet:

  • My Place at the Table: A Recipe for a Delicious Life in Paris takes us through the life of Alexander Lobrano by virtue of food stories and encounters with legendary chefs with Paris as a backdrop.
  • The Traveling Artist from Missy Dunaway. This adorable artist was completely unknown to me until last week when a co-worker shared her as one of her favorites. This is a visual journal with lots of Paris incorporated into its pages, and it's lovely.
  • The Gospel According to Coco Chanel this is an oldie but goodie which came across my radar recently. It is one worth reading over and over again!

Weekly Paris Planner

Weekly Paris Planner from French Address

Mathilde, the founder of French Address, reached out to me recently to share her work and her store. There are way too many things that I want to buy (bonjour the bonjour towels…) but as I do appreciate physical planners, I've got my eye on the Weekly Paris planner which makes the perfect francophile gift!

French Wine Puzzle

French Wine Puzzle

Looking to learn about French wine (might I suggest getting to know Beaujolais?) while improving your mental skills? Puzzles are good for the brain! You'll get to know the French wine regions while completing this one

Et voilà! That's this month's list of gifts for Francophiles! 

You can see additional Frenchie Finds for:  January | February | March | April | June | General Gift Guide for Francophiles 

How about you? Have you seen a gift that you think would make a Francophile's day? Do share!

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  1. Amber Myers says:

    You have some great things here. I love those totes and baskets. I also like that planner!

  2. My friend is a true Francophile. I wish I had found your blog before I bought her birthday gift last week! The mugs and espadrilles are just too cute. I will follow you for more ideas!

  3. Perfect for the francofile near you! I used to love all things Parisian when I was in high school. Everything had the eiffel tower on it, haha

  4. Sarah Bailey says:

    What some great finds, I have to admit I love the table settings the plates are just a bit different with the edging.

  5. Tara Pittman says:

    I love those coffee mugs. They would be great for my morning coffee.

  6. Those espadrilles are awesome, I also am interested with the cute mugs as I am collecting coffee mugs 🙂

  7. These are all wonderful gift ideas, I would love to receive any of them.

  8. Lavanda Michelle says:

    That tray and totes look so nice, I love how pretty they are. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Richelle Escat says:

    I was actually gonna buy for myself, those trays and shoes are so nice!

  10. Scarlett Brooklyn says:

    I like the Merci shirt but the mugs seems like the greatest fit for the receiver, hehe

  11. These items are too cute! I would like to have that navy table setting. Love it!

  12. Fun gift ideas. I particularly love the puzzle and books. Vive la France!

  13. Everything Enchanting says:

    Great finds! I am loving those Gingham Lacquer Tray, Picnic Blanket & Napkins 😍 I need to check these out!

  14. Kita Bryant says:

    I love this time of year. These are some really great finds!