Frenchie Finds February 2022

Bonjour and Happy Month of Love! If you have a French or Parisian friend or family member that you want to spoil for Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day, birthday, or anniversary (or just because!) I have a selection of wonderful gifts to choose from.

And of course, I have an entire Francophile Gift Guide for any gift ideas you might need.

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Vetements (Clothing) + Mode (Fashion)

Chico's Striped No-Iron Bow-Cuff Tunic

Oh la la this tunic from Chico's is so stylish! Classic navy and blue with beautiful detailing in the cuff, so very French! Of course, my favorite part is the no-iron which is PERFECT for travel. You know I love Chico's for my capsule travel wardrobe and your favorite Francophile will too. Travel or not, Chico's personifies how to dress like a French woman!

Oui Sweatshirt from Clare V.

I love all of Clare V.'s products but I have to wait for the sales! Usually, I am not much of a sweatshirt girl, but I actually brought a navy-blue-with-red-hearts with me as part of my capsule wardrobe for my month in Lisbon and it worked out so well. Thinking of expanding my wardrobe to include another and maybe this Oui one from Clare V. might be the next candidate! Whatever you select from Clare V. your Francophile will be très contente!

Marinière from J.Crew

While the traditional long-sleeve horizontal blue and white stripes shirt is known as the marinière, I love this style on anything! I am always on the hunt in J.Crew's sales for these nautical strips and I have a ton of shirts in all lengths and materials from them!

J'adore #77

Here is what is on sale now just in time for the holiday:

Andi in Jambu Sahara in red in Corolla North Carolina
I LOVE striped shirts!

Vintage Amour Clutch from Kasia Dietz

Mon amie Kasia Dietz has a beautiful special edition clutch out just in time for Valentine's Day, although you do not need an excuse to get any of Kasia's bags any time of the year. I toted my Unity bag all over Paris when I was there in September and October.

[Vintage Amour clutch, photo credit: Kasia Dietz]

Arc de Triomphe Clutch

If you have a TON of money and are looking for something unique to give a Francophile, how about an Arc de Triomphe book clutch by Olympia Le Tan. Handmade in Portugal, the embroidered silk thread and felt appliqué is classy. Sovereign Collective carries several clutches from her line, other French-themed including another one I like called, Printemps.

[Photo credit: Sovereign Collective]

Map Jewlery from Talia Sari

This is super unique especially if your Francophile loves a particular spot in Paris! My only problem is I have yet to figure out where I want! You can zoom in and out and create your own map jewelry – it is super cool!

Pour La Maison (For the Home)

French Lover Mug

Show your love for all things French with this “French lover” mug from the France-Amerique magazine store. Available in either black or white, it will help your beloved Francophile declare his or her love with every sip!

Misadventures in Being an RV Newbie

Ainsley Table Lamp

What do I love as much as stripes? Vichy print! (Or Gingham…) I don't have anything for the home besides kitchen towels in a Vichy print and this Ainsley Table Lamp from Anthropologie is a beautiful way to introduce it! If you have a Francophile in your life looking to brighten up a room, then consider this lamp!

Paris Travel Plate

This Paris Travel Plate by Rifle Paper (for Anthrolpolgie) is the perfect way to share dessert after a meal shared with friends. Makes a really great hostess gift as well!

Rifle Paper Co. Boxed Candle

Also from Rifle Paper, these boxed candles will transport you. There is Jardin de Paris with “notes of peony, white tea, gardenia, and sandalwood” and Champs de France with lavender, sage, rosemary, and bergamot.

Livres (Books) + Papeterie (Stationary)

Paris Skyline Sticker

I have to admit my personal laptop doesn't have a lot of stickers (my work one has run out of space!) and I have decided I am going to start with this Paris skyline sticker from C'est La Tee (available in blue and black). If you recognize that name it is because I already bought a t-shirt from this small business and I love continuing to support them! You will find lots of fun items there!

New Books

Books make the perfect gift for francophiles, I love books set in Paris or about Paris or French life and foods.

Here are NEW releases that your Francophile friends and/or family member may not have yet:

J’adore #52

Et voilà! That's this month's list of gifts for Francophiles! 

How about you? Have you seen a gift that you think would make a Francophile's day? Do share!

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Collage of french themed giftsCollage of french themed giftsCollage of french themed gifts

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  1. Amber Myers says:

    How cute! I’ll have to show my daughter. She’s into fashion and would love some of these looks.

  2. Crystal Carder says:

    I love those boxed candles and the coffee mugs, they are so cute!

  3. Tara Pittman says:

    So many great finds. I can go shopping without having to travel to France.

  4. So many amazing finds, I would love any of these items.

  5. Monica Simpson says:

    I love that shirt with the big bow cuffs! So cute. And that necklace that shows a map of your fave spot in France is so unique!

  6. All of this stuff is cute! My favorites are the oui sweatshirt and the mug! 🙂

  7. Terri Steffes says:

    I adore the stickers. I use them everywhere, tucked in unsuspecting corners of the house and closets. SO fun!

  8. gervin khan says:

    The outfits look really cool and comfortable to wear. I totally love the mugs, it’s my kind of design and really good for a coffee cup. Loved it!

  9. Elizabeth Neas says:

    So many fun gifts for friends that enjoy a bit of France (or a lot of France). I loved all of your picks.

  10. Richelle Milar says:

    This isi absolutely amazing I’m gonna show this to my daughter she really love fashion I know she’ll love this!

  11. Rose Ann Sales says:

    Wow! Those boxes candles looks really amazing and perfect! I love it that’s perfect in our living room!

  12. Awesome article! Thanks for sharing the helpful information!

  13. I’m loving all these finds. They’re all so amazing. I think my daughters would really enjoy all these items.

  14. My sisters are Francophiles and bibiliophiles. I appreciate these book suggestions since I know they’ll love them.

  15. I love that no iron tunic. I would like to have it in my wardrobe!

  16. Same here, I like stripes and gingham, too. And not to forget, polka dots. 🙂

  17. These are all such cute finds! Love the pic of you on the boardwalk – what a scenic spot.