Paris in January: Winter is the best time to visit the City of Light

Did you know that one of the best times to visit Paris is in January? People think that the summer season is the most ideal time to go to Paris (and it does have its perks) but I would argue that it is winter.

I feel it is one of the best months to experience the city. Mists of cold engulf the City of Light, and while it can rain or snow a bit, for the most part, the sky is clear and bright, and the air is crisper too.

Why should you visit Paris in January?

With the tourists gone, you can explore the real Paris, meet Parisians, learn their culture, and live like a local, plus it’s cheaper.

You avoid the tourist crowd

During high season, every single popular site, major attraction, café, museum, and building is filled with people. You’ll have to contend with long lines and crowds.

What can you do in Paris in January?

Visit Museums

Paris is known all over the world for being the global center for art. The city is filled with museums, and it is home to the world-famous Louvre, the Orsay, and hundreds more.

Visit the Passages of Paris

Many arrondissements in Paris boast beautiful covered passageways that are also called “passage,” “galeries,” or “arcades”.

Enjoy the cafes

With fewer crowds to contend with, you can just spend the whole day hopping from one café to another and taking your sweet time to just admire Paris and watch its inhabitants go about their lives.

Stroll around the city

January is a great time to just walk around Paris to admire its architecture and culture without being distracted by an endless throng of people. You’ll be able to see the subtle nuances of the city.

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