French Men’s Fashion – How To Dress Like A Parisian Man

A frequently asked question on the interwebs is “What Should I Wear in Paris?”. And why not? When visiting this legendary fashion capital, visitors want to do their best to look as chic as the Parisians.

A question that is often addressed for women, but what do the wannabe monsieurs of this world wear if they want to dress like a Parisian man?

The French style is closer to what Americans would refer to as “business casual”. While trying to pull off the Parisian style, one should aim for more blacks and neutrals rather than bright colors.

With neutral tones ranging from classic beige, white, grey, and black to burgundy, navy blue, and brown, the Parisian style borders on being discreet and risk-free.

The advantage of neutrals is that they can be paired with almost anything and a pop of color can be added with a few simple accessories.

While some French men prefer to wear suits for work, others pull them out for special occasions. The Parisian fit is slightly slimmer than the regular American fit and can take some time to get used to.

While jackets and trousers are tailored to fit, a pair of jeans, on the other hand, is a more casual affair.

Sturdy boots or white sneakers can bring together any well-curated denim-on-leather ensemble.

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