Where to Find the Best Ice Cream

In Paris


The abundance of delicious and creamy ice cream flavors and styles is taken seriously in Paris, and the only respite from the soaring temperatures is a perfect boule de la glace.

The Best Ice Cream Spots in Paris


The gourmet haven for desserts and pastries, Angelina has been a constant source of delight and exceptional taste since 1903. The tea-room is well known for its elite clientele, like Coco Chanel and Proust.


The chocolatier, although well-known around the globe for his chocolates and custom pastries, also serves some of the most delicious ice creams, from classics such as strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and apple to daily inspirations such as jasmine, licorice, and parsley.

Jacques Genin

Maison Aleph’s desserts are low in sugar and are made without dyes or artificial preservatives. The Maison also uses authentic Levantine products such as Iranian pistachio, Amalfi lemons, Damask rose, etc. They serve a surprising blend of ice creams such as wild Lebanese Zatar, crystallized sumac sorbet, sesame, halva, and even saffron ice cream.

Maison Aleph

Hermé has some of the most gourmet scents like bitter cocoa and crunchy nougatine, vanilla and dark chocolate, and even the frozen version of his signature macaron, the Ispahan Sorbet! For the adventurous souls, there’s also the Caramel French Toast ice cream to be tried.

Pierre Hermé

Apart from its chocolates, confectionaries, macarons, and pastries, Ladurée has delightfully fresh ice cream flavors such as rose petal, pistachio, salted caramel, and Madagascar vanilla, along with sorbets like raspberry, strawberry, and Guanaja chocolate. And the best thing about these frozen treats? They come topped with a macaron!


Giving it a gourmand finish (just like ALL their chocolate boxes!), Maison du Chocolat has classic flavors such as Sicilian Pistachio, Madagascar Vanilla, lemon sorbet, raspberry sorbet, and the signature Intense Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

La Maison du Chocolat Victor Hugo

Now for Gelato

One of the most popular French gelato boutiques, Amorino not only carries some delicious flavors but also serves them in cute little designs! Amorino is the brainchild of two childhood friends, Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi.


A small artisanal shop that delights both tourists and locals with its unusual flavors, Gelati d’Alberto makes fresh ice creams on-site every day! With pastry flavors like lemon tart, popcorn, or Paris-Brest, the gelatos are unquestionably delicious in taste and presentation.

Gelati d’Alberto

Il Gelato del Marchese offers true masterpieces when it comes to frozen treats. The gelatos paint a beautiful picture of its Italian roots with colorful flavors and 100% natural sorbets!

Il Gelato del Marchese

A boulangerie, a patisserie, and a cafe, Maison Mulot by Gérard Mulot is a pastry and confectionery shop that celebrates the changing concepts of gastronomy without forgetting its traditions and roots.

Maison Mulot

Vegan Ice Cream

Grom is well known for its friendly service and great hot chocolate, frappe, and lemonade. Grom has vegan and gluten-free flavors in their sorbets and also caters to a variety of dietary intolerances without compromising quality.

Grom Gelato

With an aim to provide sustainable food with the best know-how, Plan D excels at offering gourmet street food such as sandwiches and ice creams that are plant-based, seasonal, and colorful.

Plan D

The shop offers végane. Végane is a smooth, crunchy frozen treat that is sugar-free, and as the name suggests, vegan-friendly gelato. The ice cream is available at the Nubio store as well as at the Raymon Berthillon store on Saint Louise en l’Île.


Seasonal Ice Creams

Open in the summer months, Le Triporteur à Glaces ice cream cart in front of the Le Tour d’Argent restaurant has some truly delightful ice cream flavors that will transport you all over France.

Le Triporteur à Glaces