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Yummy Asian food in New York

New York City is a place with a well-established Asian community. So, it’s not a surprise that there are many good Asian restaurants, for all tastes and wallet sizes. Every time I visit I make sure that I try to have a variety of experiences as this is one of my favorite “food groups!” Here some recommendations for yummy Asian food in New York City.

Joe's Shanghai Restaurant

One obligatory visit if you are a fan of Asian food is Joe's Shanghai Restaurant where they prepare soup dumplings (also known as a Shanghai dumpling or xiao long bao). This means that the soup is inside the dumpling. Yummy enough, right? I always order this whenever I eat dim sum, particularly in San Francisco, but I had never been to a restaurant dedicated to soup dumplings and these are delicious!


Locations in New York: 9 Pell St between Bowery and Doyers St. Average soup dumplings: $6. Midtown West location: 24 W 56th St between Fifth and Sixth Aves.

Xi'an Famous Foods

If you want to taste authentic Chinese food for only a few dollars make your way to the underground portion of the Golden Shopping Mall in Flushing. There you’ll find a lot of individual stalls selling food and other goods. Look for stall 36, at Xi'an Famous Foods. Everything’s great, but the specialty is the ‘Chinese hamburger', around $3. I had never had one of these before (even with all the Chinese food I've had in both the U.S. and China!) and have basically decided I link anything in a bao!


Location: Golden Shopping Mall, 41-28 Main St at 41st Rd, Flushing, Queens.

Szechuan House

If you like (mega) spicy-Asian food, you have to visit Szechuan House also in Flushing. This restaurant is where authentic Szechuan food is served. You’ll not only find great food but a nice atmosphere as well. It is frequented by customers who come here on a regular basis. Service is speedy and whenever you need loads of water they’ll be happy to give you some. They are said to have the best mapo tofu in the city!

Szechuan House

Location: 133-47 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing, Queens.

Mei Li Wah Bakery

This pork bun is known far and wide. It is cheap! The bun crust is sticky due to the light egg-wash it gets prior to baking, and the meat stuffed inside is delicious! They have other products at the bakery, but hands down most people come for the pork buns!


Location: Bayard St between Elizabeth and Mott Sts.

Prosperity Dumpling

For dumpling fans, Prosperity Dumpling serves 5 hand-made boiled or steamed dumplings for $1 and, if you prefer noodles, they cook them with sesame, pork or vegetables for less than $2. 46. Ideal to take away and eat while walking down the street.


Location: Eldridge St between Hester and Canal.


For cool and elegant Japanese: Zenkichi, in the trendy district of Williamsburg, not only offers the traditional sushi and Yakitori (which is delicious) but it goes further. It’s perfect for special occasions like an anniversary, a romantic date, a business meeting… as it not cheap. But you’ll have privacy, perfect atmosphere, excellent service, and great food.

zenkichi-new-yorkLocation: 77 N 6th St  Brooklyn, NY 11211

How about you? Have you got any Asian favorites in New York? Do share!

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  1. Carolyn Jung says:

    I’m a sucker for a great dumpling, and these look awesome! I don’t get to NY nearly as often as I would like since I’m on the West Coast. But I am definitely jotting down some of these places for the future. YUM!

    1. @Carolyn, you and me both!