The Ultimate Toolkit for Working At Home

The Ultimate Toolkit for Working at Home

Working at home. It’s the dream, right?


Being your own boss, setting your own hours, and choosing what you work on. All that sounds awesome. But what people don’t realize is that there is a whole lot of work that occurs to make that happen.

And sometimes you really don’t know what you are getting yourself into.

Take it from someone who did it the wrong way.

In 2009 I was working for Dolby, a company I loved (and still do) but I had a role that was not very challenging which left me a bit bored. I had already launched my blog the previous year, which was fulfilling the creative gap I was missing, but I was searching for something on a professional level.

I attended a women’s networking event and while I was sitting in an audience of 400 women several speakers came through inspiring us with various topics. Just after lunch a speaker began speaking about marketing your business. She described traditional methods and then began discussing “newer” (remember this is 2009) methods of marketing, in particular social media. All around me female small business owners were whispering, “Social media? I don’t know the first thing!” and other comments to that affect.

My business idea was born.

I joined a small mastermind group in a 12-week session that helped incubate our business ideas in the hopes that we would launch our businesses and run from there. During those 12 weeks I learned about creating a business strategy, figuring out my elevator pitch, my goals and objectives, what my brand looked like, etc.

The thing I didn’t learn was how to run a business. I didn’t have the tools I needed to run a work-from-home business.

So I failed.

There are lots of things you need to figure out before you launch a business (or a blog) and that means finding the right resources to assist you.

Ultimate Bundles didn’t exist when I was launching my business. Therefore the Work at Home bundle, the ultimate toolkit that has just about everything you need to plan the launch of your business, was not available for me when I needed it most. And I needed it. Bad!

All our pursuits need a toolkit to guide us.

I read a lot eBooks (and eCourses for that matter) and the average price according to several sources I researched is about $10 (and it’s actually on the rise, increasing between 30-60% depending on the genre from 2015 to 2016) so when I see a bundle that has 3, 4, 5 books that I want to read, the bundle has paid for itself.

Ultimate Bundles sells a bundle of products centered around one topic throughout the year. I promoted their blogging bundle Genius Bloggers Toolkit (it was great, I included it in my Bloggers Gift Guide) last year, I did not promote their Ultimate Homemaking Bundle (loved the planners in there!), but I did buy it.

My first attempt at running my own business may have failed, but if I decide to try again, with the resources in the Work at Home bundle, I will be far more prepared than I was last time. Even if you have no desire to work from home, this bundle has great content.

Here are some of my favorites:

The Great Life Redesign: Change How You Work, Live How You Dream and Make It Happen … Today by Caroline Cameron ($14.95)
I currently find myself at a crossroads. I’ve just come off of a yearlong sabbatical. I’m in the middle of a job search. My blog is nearly 9 years old; I earn income from it, but not enough to live on. I have seventeen plus years of marketing experience with skills that are sought after by bloggers and small businesses but I’m not quite sure what to do. Turns out (as I imagined) I am not alone and Carolyn’s book is not only inspirational but as I read through it I am starting to see clarity as to what my next steps might be. If you find yourself in a situation like mine, The Great Life Redesign is the book for you.

The Accidental Entrepreneur: The Juicy Bits by Janine Allis ($9.99)
Unlike me, some people stumble into a business, do all the wrong things and still make it! It’s inspiring and interesting to read about the experiences that some people have when they are trying to launch a business. I enjoy it when these stories are told by “real people” if you know what I mean, which is why I enjoyed Janine’s book. If you just started your business or are starting to think about one, The Accidental Entrepreneur will make you laugh, cry and be inspired while learning from Janine’s mistakes.

More in Less: 21 Productivity Hacks for Creatives by Hilary Sutton ($2.99)
I am a highly organized person. I can handle projects and teams at work like it’s nobody’s business. But lately with our unstructured weeks, when it comes to my blogging I’ve been a bit scattered, flittering from one item to the next not really completely anything, hence my ebook is still not finished. Even though I don’t label myself as a “creative” as soon as I started reading Hilary’s book I felt a little light at the end of the tunnel. I immediately implemented her first tip, and saw immediate results. By the time I finish her book I am going to be an efficiency powerhouse!

I also really enjoy articles on the topic such as this one from CopyPress, How to Stay Disciplined Working at Home.

FindMe: An SEO Cookbook For Busy Entrepreneur by Rachel Brenke ($129.00)
I love Rachel Brenke. I have been subscribed to her Law Tog blog for a long time. As a photographer, MBA’r and lawyer she has straight-forward and practical tips for staying legal in the online space. She also has her own branded site where she shares resources for small business owners. When it comes to SEO she knows her stuff and I really enjoyed her approach to this topic in her book. You don’t have to be a foodie like me to love her recipes!

the great life redesign on shelf

Those are just my favorites there are 50 products (30 eBooks, 1 audiobook, 14 eCourses, 5 printable packs) in this bundle covering topics such as Etsy & Product Sales, Freelancing, Getting Things Done, Legal & Accounting, Work Life Balance and more. I included the price point so that you can see that the price of just these 4 eBooks would be $156.93.

The Work at Home bundle costs $47. That’s a big saving.

Why am I writing this? One, I’m hoping to convince you to click on that button and purchase your own Work at Home bundle. But secondly, I would like to think that if I had had this toolkit when I was trying to launch my own business that it would have succeeded. So in essence, I’m hoping that if you are thinking about starting a business where you will have the privilege of working from home (or you have started a business and need some help) that you will set yourself up for success with this resource. The $47 is worth the investment to ensure you don’t make the same mistake I did.

But two, I would like to think that if I had had this toolkit when I was trying to launch my own business that it would have succeeded. So in essence, I’m hoping that if you are thinking about starting a business where you will have the privilege of working from home (or you have started a business and need some help) that you will set yourself up for success with this resource. The $47 is worth the investment to ensure you don’t make the same mistake I did.

The Work at Home bundle will be on sale through, Wednesday, June 12 (11:59 EST) so get yours before then!

How about you? Do you have a tip for Working At Home folks or wannabes? Do share!

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  1. Melanie says:

    I have heard a lot about this bundle, but I have never tried it. I have heard many people rave about it though. I work from home and it is a struggle, especially in the summer. I have found that I have to manage my time precisely every

  2. I haven’t heard of this bundle, but I do work from home and it’s HARD. I could definitely use a toolkit. I find that this time of year is the most challenging with kids soon to be home from school. I’m wondering if I have any good tips to share! Mainly that I get up and shower as if I’m going to an office.

  3. Many people begin learning about how to start their own business at home by reading ebooks and online resources. It’s okay to fail at your first business attempt. I think beyond reading books, having someone like a coach to talk to is also great. It’s another way to interact with an expert and gather knowledge about subjects you’re interested about.

  4. Working from home has always been then dream for me! Even before I started blogging I was able to work from home as a dog groomer but I didn’t want to invest in my business which held me back from making more but once I committed to blogging everything changed. This is the clear dream for me and I am always looking for more ways to make more.

  5. Thanks for being honest about your failure. Its not easy starting your own business and often times we think we have good ideas and most of us do but we don’t know how to run a business and thus we fail. I’ve been working from home for 7 years and I love it. My children are home with me on most days and I wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks for the great resources, ill share them with those in need.

  6. Love this read! Adding to my dream file for my goals to be able to work from home in the near future! Thank you for the input!

  7. Eri Yunantara says:

    I’m a work at home. After reading this article many benefits I get. What an interesting and inspiring article.

  8. Jess G. says:

    I’ve seen this bundle and have been thisclose to checking it out….a lot of great resources!

  9. Ronald Gagnon says:

    I worked my own accounting firm from home for about 30 years ago before expansion…and I sure wish i had access to these incredible assets..I had to learn the hard way……but I did!

  10. Wow! I am a professional in the corporate world that specializes in culture, employee engagement, branding and change communication. I was researching the topic of work at home for a project and came across your site. Your site’s branding made me want to stay on the page and continue reading. I am subscribing now! Wonderful job.

  11. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    It definitely sounds like there is alot to learn in doing this. I have never heard of this bundle kit before. I will have to check this out. Thank you for sharing

  12. Calvin F. says:

    Working at home is more common now.

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