Why You Should Visit Malaysia

There is an entire world re-opening outside your front door right now, but I bet you probably haven't considered heading to Malaysia on an adventure. Most people have bucket lists, but I would guess for a lot of people, Malaysia is surprisingly low on that list. The thing is, if you want to get off the main travel tracks and see someplace completely new, Malaysia should be a consideration for you. I myself have only been one time, for a very short week, but it was enough to pique my interest and to have me wanting a second trip.

It may be a small country in the heart of Southeast Asia, but Malaysia packs a punch. It’s full of excitement, beauty, and it is darn delicious. I know a lot of professional expats who buy property there. Just take a look at properti Malaysia to get an idea of the market. This is something I do all the time in other countries around the world, trust me it is a great exercise! You might get convinced that it’s the best place to buy your next holiday home! I look for retirement spots all the time. After that expense, there is nothing left to buy but food, and Malaysia has cheap street food that is nothing short of luxury on the tongue.


Okay, let's stop dreaming about retirement and start talking about why you should visit Malaysia for vacation! Malaysia is actually split in two by one Riau Archipelago, which is a geographic term for the core group of islands within the Riau Islands Province. It’s surrounded by Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia, and this allows for lush surroundings. The natural environment is simply spectacular, and if you are a lover of all things green, it’s just one of many reasons you should be heading out there on vacation.

So, if this hasn't yet whet your whistle, keep reading on – I’ve got every single reason why Malaysia should be on your travel radar from now on!

The Beaches

It’s the one thing that we daydream about while we stare wistfully from the windows: the beach. The warm, soft sand that sticks between our toes and the lull of the ocean is enough to have all of us salivating. The thing about Malaysia is that people don’t realize that there are almost 3,000 miles of clear, clean blue beaches. During my one trip to Malaysia, I was traveling with my boss who was an Australian expat. His wife had joined him for our trip because once we were done with business, they were headed for a beach vacation. I was surprised to learn that and regretted not having the same plans!

If you head to Sky Mirror Malaysia, you will find an uncharted beach that can only be accessed at low tide. You get that “walk on water” feeling because you are quite literally walking on water when you visit! Another place to see that glowing ocean is Blue Tears Tusan Beach, which you’ll find in Miri Sarawak. The waters glow in the dark, and it's just breathtaking to behold.

Malaysia beach

There are so many different beaches to visit in Malaysia, it’s hard to know where you should start. For those of us who just want a day at the beach without any fuss or hiking involved, head for one of the quieter white sand spots like Redang Island off Pahang. For something more lively and social check out the beach bars of Langkawi, which are lined with palm trees and offer a more lively nightlife.

For those who want to experience something a bit different head for the Perhentian Islands near Kota Bharu in Kelantan – rent your own little hut or bungalow on stilts overlooking the crystal clear waters below.

Food, Glorious Food

Curry Laksa

Remember we talked about the delicious street food? Well, Malaysia is going to impress you. You can eat a different dish every single day for a year, and you will never eat the same dish twice. The meals are totally inspired by Southeast Asia, and you can enjoy dishes like nasi lemak and roti canai. I know, it sounds amazing, doesn't it? Nasi lemak is coconut rice that is served with a range of sides for breakfast, and roti canai is a flatbread dish inspired by Indian cuisine. With these, you have some of the tastiest spicy noodle soup and if you go to Penang, you will find one of the world’s best ever street food markets.

Natural Landscape


Did you know that Malaysia is located right on top of the Coral Triangle? This is the home to almost 600 different species of corals that are reef-builders, and this means that Malaysia has waters that are some of the most bio-diverse in the world. The rainforests are another spectacular sight to be seen. There are waterfalls to explore, jungle tracks to hike and some of the biggest flowers in the world to be seen here. In the rainforests, you will also find rare orangutang, and Pygmy elephants are here, too! There are four different UNESCO heritage sites based in Malaysia, too, including Lenggong Valley in Perak. If you want to visit somewhere that is concerned with sustainability in the world, Malaysia is the best place you could visit. You get to be a part of the solution by choosing your vacation to be here!

The Chance For Adventure

From scuba diving to snorkeling, strolling the seafloor to white water rafting, Malaysia is a place where you can have an outdoor adventure. You can climb the tallest peaks of its mountains and indulge in coral flying from Gaya Island to Sapi Island, too. There’s so much to see and do. Check out Pinnacles of Mulu Sarawak, The Habitat Penang Hill, and more!

The Chance To Rest

Resort in Malaysia

People go on vacations to have better health and wellness routines, but in Malaysia, you’ll find that the philosophy of wellness is ingrained into the culture. You can focus on rejuvenation during your stay, at one of their top health resorts or spiritual forest retreats, and be ready to relax and indulge in. Some of the best areas you can go to include those that offer Buddhist teachings, too, so you can step into a whole new world. There is plenty of luxury tourism here in Malaysia, and there are resort-style bungalows overlooking infinity pools, direct access to turquoise waters in some of the accommodation options, and plenty of resorts that offer all-inclusive options. You will also find plenty of longer-term accommodations if you want to stay for longer and enjoy yourself.

The Culture

Immersing yourself in new cultures is part of the fun of going on vacation, right? Well, you can embrace Malay and Chinese culture here, as well as a range of Southeast Asian cultures. Malaysia has a multitude of religious festivals and traditions that date back centuries, There are festivals and carnivals held throughout the year, which means that you can time your vacation to attend. Try your hand at batik art, learn about Malay culture through cooking lessons, watch performances from various ethnic groups, including traditional dances like Kombi Orang Asli Dance in Chukai, or like the wayang kulit show in Kelantan. Don't forget the temples. You can pay a visit to the Bali Hai Temple which has been set up by Chinese traders over a century ago, or Kinabalu National Park if you are interested in the indigenous cultures and history of Sabah.

Malaysian Food Culture

The Best Time to Visit Malaysia

It is best to visit during the dry season, which runs from November through April. This means that you can enjoy everything the country has to offer without having to worry about rain or too many insects – plus flights are often cheaper if you go at this time of year!

Malaysia Shore

Malaysia may not be a place you’d typically think of visiting, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen. It has beautiful beaches and delicious food, which are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what this country has to offer. The culture is vibrant and interesting, as well as diverse thanks to its multiculturalism. There's also an abundance of adventure waiting for those who want more than just sunbathing on the beach or eating at street stalls. All in all, there isn't any reason why you should avoid taking a trip here if they have the opportunity! 

How about you? Have you been to Malaysia? what was your experience? Is it on your bucket list now? Do tell!

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  1. melissa chapman says:

    You had me at food, glorious food but those beaches seem like a real paradise. I never knew Malaysia was so unique and special and worth a trip to see.

  2. Richelle Escat says:

    I really love traveling when there’s a festival, Malaysia is such a beautiful country.

  3. It’s my neighboring country and yet I’ve never been there. Hopefully I get to go someday. 🙂

  4. Heather - thedomesticdiva.org says:

    What an absolutely beautiful place to visit. Adding this one to my bucket list.

  5. Terri A Steffes says:

    So this hasn’t been on my radar for traveling, but I do want to go to that part of the world. I am hesitant about visiting China or Korea, but maybe this is the answer!

  6. Wow, its the greenery and food for me. And that glowing beach, all I can say is “Wow”. I didn’t know Malaysia was this breathtaking

  7. Kita Bryant says:

    It is such a culturally rich and vibrant place. I have always wanted to see it for myself.

  8. There are so many great things to see in Malaysia. No shortage of things to do there!

  9. I would love to visit Malaysia it is in my wishlist for long time.

  10. Malaysia seems so far away but so beautiful. It would be nice to take a vacation during our cold season and to visit it.

  11. Iféoluwa says:

    I’m always ready for rest and spending time in nature! Malaysia looks so beautiful

  12. IceCreamnStickyFingers says:

    I’ve never considered traveling to Malaysia. It looks beautiful. I’ll have to keep it on my radar in the event I decide to travel in the future.