Who Has the Best Croissant In Paris

With over 50 trips to Paris under my belt and I don't know how many hundreds of croissants down the hatch, I can tell you where you buy your croissant matters!

I am sharing my tips for finding a good croissant plus where to find le crème-de-la-crème of croissants with my list of the best croissants plus a few that always show up on the best of lists.

In no particular order except that they are grouped by arrondissement, I present to you a list of the best places for croissants (I am referring to the best butter croissant – croissant au beurre) in Paris.

The Best Croissants in Paris

Pierre Hermé is known for his inventive macarons but he also creates beautiful snail-shaped pastries. Like his Ispahan macaron, his Ispahan croissant is a must-try.

Pierre Hermé

As the French capital's oldest bakery, Stohrer has been providing delectable pastries since 1730. In fact, Nicolas Stohrer was King Louis XV’s pastry chef!


Tout Autour du Pain has established a well-deserved reputation as a top contender in Paris' culinary scene. They have the best butter croissant around.

Tout Autour du Pain Stohrer

La Maison d’Isabelle won the Best Croissant in Paris Award in 2018 and uses only the finest ingredients like Brasseuil organic flour and Pamplie butter to make their delicious croissants.

La Maison D’Isabelle

The buttery croissants from pastry chef Claire Damon don’t need anything to compliment them – they’re perfect all on their own! They use the finest ingredients and make sure that each pastry is handmade with care.

Des Gâteaux et du Pain

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