What to Pack for Fall in



Fall is one of my favorite times to visit Paris and this post will outline everything you need to pack with for a fall trip!

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What to Pack for Paris in Fall


A classic waterproof trench coat in tan, gray, navy, or black is an excellent choice for traveling to Paris in the fall.

Another outerwear you will see everywhere is leather jackets. Wear it with jeans during the day and with a smart dress at night.

Bring the right shoes. Much like outerwear, you will want shoes that can handle a day of splashing through puddles and uneven pavement.

I love my Jambu on a day-to-day basis, and they indeed work out great on a dry day.

I don’t recommend rain boots: they are cumbersome and nowhere as popular in Paris as they are in the United States.

My favorites are a sturdy pair of weatherproof leather ankle boots. They work well with pants and dressier outfits as well.

Bring several long sleeve and short sleeves t-shirts as well as some dressier options like a blouse and a classic white shirt.

You can add layers with cardigans and sweaters.

As far as bottoms go, dark wash, well-cut denim should be your staple no matter what time of year you visit Paris, but even more so in the fall.

Dresses are a convenient travel companion. They instantly make you look put together without any of the extra work.

With the days getting chillier in the morning and the evenings in the fall, I like to bring leggings to layer them up under lighter dresses if needed.

I never travel anywhere without a couple of my beloved scarves in tow.

Hats are stylish as well as convenient. You probably have seen them on the head of every blogger under the sun.

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