Tuileries Garden


Located in the 1st arrondissement known as the heart of Paris. 

The Tuileries Garden is part of the Axe historique .

Which is a line of monuments, buildings, and thoroughfares that extends from the center of Paris to the west.


Instead of an elegant garden, there once stood roof tile kilns (tuileries in French, pronounced “twee-luh-ree”) that gave their name to the park.

In 1564, Queen Catherine de Medici decided to build a grand palace at the west of the Louvre.

In addition to the new castle, she ordered sprawling gardens.

Which is what rests today, loved by locals and tourists alike!


Open and beautiful  all-year round.


Even in the winter!


With beautiful details wherever you look.

Enjoy coffee, tea, or hot chocolate  3 seasons a year in the cafe inside the park.

Sit in a Senat chair and watch the world go by. It's the best way to enjoy Paris!

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