Steamboat Bay Fishing Club

Alaska Luxury Fishing

3 days at the most remote fishing lodge in the world!

Spend the night in Ketchikan and then take a floatplane into the lap of luxury.

Where the attentive staff has thought of EVERYTHING!

You'll have a beautiful room with a view of the bay.

Access to the main lodge for resting, reading, eating and cocktails.

Where you can enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets

But hey! It's really  ALL about the FISHING!

Spend the day on your own private boat with only 3 other people and your captain.

Who will help you with everything you need to...

...catch the big ONE!

...or 2... or 3!

If you are super lucky on your way back you might catch a pod of whales!

When you return to the lodge, guess what? You don't have to clean them! The expert slicers and dicers will prep your fish...

At the end of the trip they will prep your fish for travel and send it on its way to your home for you to enjoy!

During your stay, the chefs and cooks will make sure you eat well! 

And the next day you get to do it all over again!

Visit the blog to check out the full details of my fishing trip!

Steamboat Bay Fishing Club