How to Frenchify Your Valentine’s Day

Joyeuse Saint Valentin! Let's infuse your Valentine's Day with a touch of  oh la la!

In France, Valentine's Day is reserved exclusively for lovers, a day for les amoureux – those deeply in love.

The French believe in celebrating love face-to-face, sharing experiences and creating memories together.

Start your day with a typical French breakfast in bed to set a romantic tone.

Petit déjeuner

Opt for a classic, understated look, embracing French style sophistication.

Dress the Part: Chic and Effortless

Savor French dishes for lunch, engage in deep conversations.

Indulge in French Cuisine

Immerse yourselves in French art and culture, appreciate the works of Monet and Cézanne.

Afternoon of Art and Culture

End the day with a homemade French dinner, cook together, and pair with fine wine.

Candlelit Dinner at Home

Indulge in classic French desserts like chocolate soufflé or crème brûlée.

Sweet Finale

Embrace the French tradition of gifts, cards, and heartfelt compliments.

Give Gifts and Gestures

Celebrate love, presence, and heartfelt expressions in the French way.

Savor the Moment

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