(Lower-carb) French Chicken Salad


Oh la la! C'est une classique!  An easy and inexpensive way to use leftover chicken.  This chicken salad recipe is French inspired and oh so tasty!

Phoenix, AZ

French Chicken Salad Recipe

Phoenix, AZ

Green Cutlery


– 1 cooked rotisserie chicken – 2 celery stalks, diced small – 2 green onions (only the green parts), minced


– ¼ cup dry roasted almonds, diced – 1 tbsp fresh rosemary, minced – ⅓ cup mayonnaise – 1 tbsp dijon mustard


– ½ tsp sea salt – ½ tsp pepper – ½ tbsp orange juice – For serving: Butter lettuce (lower carb) or fresh baguette

Step 1:

Begin by removing the skin from the rotisserie chicken and then removing the meat from the roast.

Step 2:

Shred the chicken using your hands, or dice the chicken meat with a knife. Add to a large bowl.

Step 3:

Into the bowl with the shredded chicken, add the celery, green onion, almonds, rosemary, mayonnaise, dijon, sea salt, pepper, and orange juice.

Step 4:

Mix to fully combine.

Step 5:

Taste and add more sea salt, or orange juice, depending on your preference.

Serve the french chicken salad in lettuce cups (lower carb), or with a fresh baguette!