Joshua Tree 

Unique Art Destinations In

A cute and quirky destination in downtown Joshua Tree. with an eclectic assortment of crocheted animals & other creations

Crochet Museum

A wonderland of waste! It’s a place where worn tires, box tv’s, and metal chairs are repurposed and given a new life as art.

Noah Purifoy Outdoor Museum

Cute metal dinosaurs on the side of highway 62 make for a fun roadside photo shoot.

Dinosaurs of 29 Palms

A quiet and introspective place nestled among the desert landscape, this museum of sculptures is located on the hillside of Yucca Valley.

Desert Christ Park

A town that looks frozen in the old cowboy days of dust and tumbleweeds. There’s also a junked yard filled with oddities and vintage rusted cars.

Junk Art in Pioneertown

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Joshua Tree