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Wonderfully Wanderful

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Wanderful Travel Membership Community

DISCLOSURE: Wanderful provided me a one-year membership for their new membership community. All opinions are my own, but I am totally in love with these guys and read on to see why!

Read on to find out how to get your chance at 1 of 10 free memberships to Wanderful’s travel community!

I have a confession to make. I haven’t done any solo travel. Yes, I’ve added a few days before or after business trips or conferences to do a little bit of exploring on my own, but I haven’t done a full-on fierce female solo trip. I’m not sure a few single days in a foreign (or domestic) location counts, it certainly doesn’t make me feel like a warrior. Although I’d really love to do a solo trip one day!

My curiosity about solo travel started when I was a junior in high school. I had a huge crush on Fernando M. (I’m not giving his full name because I just Googled him and found him and there is no way I’m letting a guy I had a high school crush on find me!) Fernando was a handsome foreign exchange student from Madrid, Spain. Growing up a military brat who lived all over, I wasn’t impressed that he was living in a foreign land. I was impressed that he was living in a foreign land without his family as a support system.

Adventure with Wanderful Travel Membership Community

Adventure with Wanderful Travel Membership Community!

When CouchSurfing became a thing, I was like “go Andi!” Oh wait…you thought me? How sweet, but no, my friend Andi Perullo was the brave Betty who couch-slept all over the world! I couldn’t wrap my mind around sleeping on strangers’ couches, particularly if they were in male-dominated homes.

But what if there had been a sassy sisterhood of wandering gypsies to cushion the uncertainty of traveling alone? Well, I think I would have liked that very much. In fact, I think it’s a brilliant idea! And that’s exactly what the wise women of Wanderful have done. They’ve created the world’s first ever homesharing network exclusively for women.

You go girl!

No really. Now you can go and feel all warm, cozy, and cocooned into a network of amazing women.

The Wanderful homesharing network creates a vehicle for members to offer a room in their homes for a small fee to travelers coming to town. The transactions are safe. They take place behind a wall of an identity-verified, subscription-based membership network, one built of trusted members. For the traveler, the network connects female travel lovers from around the world online and IRL.

Here are some of the benefits that members enjoy.

Wanderful Global Member Benefits

In a world where a lot of locations start to look the same, finding opportunities to see something truly unique are few and far between. There are things you can do to experience a place like a local, and one of them is connecting with locals and/or travelers who know an area well. Why not stay with them too?!

That’s what the foundation of the Wanderful organization is all about – connecting like-minded travel-addicted women with each other in fun, safe and welcoming clubs, networks and now homes.

My experiences with Wanderful have been, well, WONDERFUL!

WITS Boston

Meeting Katie of Domestiphobia and Brianna of The Casual Travelist in real life at WITS Boston.

I first encountered Wanderful when my friend Katie was working on the conference team to help organize their annual conference, WITs (Women in Travel). I attended their conference in 2015 in Boston. I got to meet Katie in person along with Brianna and scores of other amazing travelers.

In 2016, I returned to the conference where I not only met more of my online friends but also presented a session on building a content strategy. It was so much fun to be around such warm, inspiring women.

Irvine WITS Ladies

WITS Irvine with Katie, Christina, Kelly and Cynthia.

Oh and by the way, this year’s conference will take place in Milwaukee, April 21st-23rd. Don’t forget to register!

With all my wonderful Wanderful experiences it was a no-brainer to become a member. I’m looking forward to connecting with other women all over the world (and Seattle!). I would love for you to be able to experience that as well. If you are a female traveler looking for your tribe, look no further than Wanderful!

But don’t just take my word for it, listen to these smart ladies!

Also not only is Wanderful an amazing network of women who help each other out but they help OTHERS too. Just in time for International Women’s Day, Wanderful announced their partnership with Womentum, a nonprofit pay it forward crowdfunding platform that enables anyone in the world to donate to women entrepreneurs in developing countries.

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