Vegetarian Restaurants in Berlin

Vegetarian Restaurants in Berlin

Berlin is a paradise for meat-lovers, with plenty of options including burgers, bratwurst, currywurst and döners. But there are also plenty of vegetarian restaurants to choose from. They don’t just have vegetable-focused restaurants but also vegetarian and vegan fast food! So, here are 5 vegetarian places to check out on your next trip.

Yellow sunshine

Yellow Sunshine Vegetarian Restaurant in Berlin
Yellow Sunshine Vegetarian Restaurant in Berlin (Photo credit:

A nice little cafe offering fast food vegetarian options such as veggie burgers, faux-fish burgers and veggie bratwurst or currywurst. The food is served quickly and they offer reasonable prices, It uses almost exclusively organic ingredients. This was the Germany’s first purely vegetarian fast-food restaurant and today it has made a name for itself beyond the city limits of Berlin. Address: Wienerstrasse, 19

Sun Day Burgers

Vegetarian Restaurants in Berlin - Sun Day Burgers
Sun Day Burgers Berlin (Photo credit: Lense Fare)

I love food trucks, and Berlin has them too! The Sun Day Burgers shops sell one item only, the Sun Day Burger, which consists of a whole wheat roll, lettuce, tomato, beet root, gherkin, sprouts, coriander, fried onions, tofu strips marinated in ginger and soya, and topped off with a homemade Smoked Chipotle Chilli Sauce, Thai Peanut and Coconut Sauce and/or Pineapple Mint and Ginger Chutney. All for €3,80. The shop located in the Market Hall also offers vegan smoothies. Address: Markt Halle Neun, EisenBahnStrasse 42/43, Kreuzberg (at Gorlitzer Bahnhof): opens Fri 12-7pm, Sat 9am-4pm and Mauer Park Flea Market, Prenzlauer Berg/ Bernauer Straße:

The shop located in the Market Hall also offers vegan smoothies. Address: Markt Halle Neun, EisenBahnStrasse 42/43, Kreuzberg (at Gorlitzer Bahnhof): opens Fri 12-7pm, Sat 9am-4pm and Mauer Park Flea Market, Prenzlauer Berg/ Bernauer Straße: opens Sundays from 11am to 5pm.

Yoyo Foodworld

Vegetarian Restaurants in Berlin - Yoyo Foodworld
Yoyo Foodworld in Berlin (Photo credit Conticium)

Yoyo is a vegan fast food restaurant in Friederichshain, offering mainly a selection of faux meat sandwiches – such as chicken schnitzel or seitan burgers, with vegan cheese – and several kinds of pizza, all vegan, plus salads and weekly specials. Open daily from 12pm to 00am. Address: Gartnerstrasse 27


Vegetarian Restaurants in Berlin - Voner
Voner Restautant in Berlin

Voner is a best known vegan fast food in Berlin serving vegan and vegetarian versions of the traditional döner. Their house made vegan meat is cooked on a rotating kebab spit, just like döner meat, and is carved off to order. Hot slices of this meat are wedged between a piece of thick pitta bread and garnished with the sauce of your choice and some fresh veggies. All for 3.40€.

They also have special chips with grilled onions, cheesy sauce and some spices (if you want vegan cheese you have to specify it), and also seitan nuggets with fires and salad, fish and chips or some daily desserts, like cookies or cake. All vegan except the cheese burger and the herb sauce. Open Mon-Fri 11.30-23.00, Sat-Sun 13.30-23.00. Address: Boxhagenerstr, 56

Vego Foodworld

Vegetarian Restaurants in Berlin - Vego Foodworld
Vego Foodworld in Berlin (Photo credit Berlin-Vegan)

Vego Foodworld is a 100% vegan fast-food restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg. It offers veggie burgers, gluten free burgers, wraps, fries, pizza, salad, coffee and tea, beer and wine. Open daily from 12-11pm. Address:  Lychener Str., 63

Although I like meat I’m very interested in trying that veggie döner place. It really sounds delicious! I’ll let you know!

How about you? Have you ever tried any of these vegetarian restaurants in Berlin?


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  1. Amy Putkonen says:

    That is super cool. I am not surprised that there are so many available. I would think, especially these days, that there are vegetarians everywhere! lol…

    1. @Amy, it is definitely becoming more and more the case, even in Paris where they love meat!

  2. Andi of My Beautiful Adventures says:

    These all sound SO good!

    1. @AndiP, I am sure you know all the good vegetarian spots all over the world!

  3. I love how that wall looks like the graffiti on the Berlin Wall. And a kid’s menu!

    1. @Jen, I know I think that looks like my favorite spot…except maybe the food truck!

  4. baies de goji says:

    It’s really nice to know that there are a lot of available food chain for vegetarians now, unlike before there are only few who offer vegetarian foods.

    1. @BaiedeGoji, I agree, it is refreshing to see.

  5. I’m a little surprised at how many of these vegetarian restaurants focus on fake meat instead of, you know, vegetables. But I definitely wouldn’t turn my nose up at a Sun Day Burger — in fact, it sounds so good, I might have to create my own!

    1. @Ann, you I didn’t think about it, but it is quite surprising. I have a co-worker on my team who is a vegetarian and she said things like seitan are a revolution and a lot of vegetarians are eating it up (sorry I couldn’t resist) and she thinks the “fad” will quiet down a bit. Having tried a lot of bad veggie burgers, I’ve tried a few seitan items and an amazing beet burger and they are definitely making strides any really awesome vegetarian food. I am not a vegetarian but I dreamed about that beet burger for at least a week after eating it!

  6. Brainy Pint Sizer says:

    Vegetarian restaurants in Germany? Okay, that’s shocking. I mean, I know perhaps deep down they’d have to exist, but Germany is such a meat-lovers paradise — who knew? I didn’t. And vegan fast food? I’m not vegan, but still. This post produced a ‘wow’ moment. I had no idea, but this is great to find out!

    1. @BrainyPintSizer, I thought the same way about vegetarian restaurants in Paris, but I went to one in January and was amazed at how good it is, and there are more opening all the time!

  7. I feel lucky that where I live there are a number of places I can go out to eat as a vegetarian, but I’m jealous of all the different kinds of places they have there.

  8. Barbara Stenby says:

    I can’t believe so many vegan options! as a mom of a vegan i am just discovering all this too I am glad such options are becoming readily available (more mainstream) so that if he travels abroad he will find some great food !

    1. @Barbara, it is becoming more and more prevalent all over the world. In the last 2 years vegan and gluten-free restaurants have exploded in Paris!