Traveler Tuesday – Colleen of Colleen Brynn Travels

Traveler-Tuesday-on-Misadventures-with-AndiOne of the advantages of my Traveler Tuesday series is that I get to meet new faces. I am so happy that my post asking for new submissions was so well received!  As I am not traveling as much as I would like to right now, it allows me to do so vicariously!

Meet Colleen!

Traveler Tuesday - Colleen of Colleen Brynn Travels

[1] When and how did you become a traveler?
For as long as I can remember, I’ve been traveling with my family: road trips around North America, driving to Northern Manitoba, extended vacations in Hawaii, discovering our roots in Ireland and sampling Europe.

I got my own travel legs at the age of 18 when I left home to live in Europe for a year. I took a gap year after high school and moved to England. During ten and a half months overseas by myself, I lived and volunteered in England, studied Spanish in Southern Spain and visited close to 20 countries, including Scandinavia and Russia.

It was during this year that I truly felt like a traveler. In fact, I grew so accustomed to living out of a bag that when I returned home to start university, I continued to return items to my backpack for 6 months before I finally unpacked.

[2] What is travel to you in 10 words or less?
Travel is a chance to feel like myself.

Traveler Tuesday - Colleen of Colleen Brynn Travels

[3] What is your favorite mode of transportation and why?
Train! I fell in love with train travel when I was living in England. Almost every weekend, I would buy a ticket somewhere, and my very favourite part of taking the train was getting lost in my imagination as I watched the green rolling hills and misty horizon. This past summer, I took the Trans-Siberian from St. Petersburg, Russia all the way to Ulan Ude, near the Mongolian border.

I met some people along the way who were doing the Trans-Siberian who dreaded the long train rides, but these were the times of the trip I most looked forward to – settling into the cabin with some snacks and a good book, setting up my bed for the night, watching Siberia pass me by from the window. This was an unforgettable trip.

Traveler Tuesday - Colleen of Colleen Brynn Travels

[4] What do you typically do while traveling by plane?
I do lots of reading and journaling. Depending on the length of the flight and the quality of the plane, I will even watch a movie or two. And there’s always lots of looking out the window of course, unless we are simulating nighttime, and I’m forced to keep the blind down!

[5] What is your favorite travel memory involving food?
I could easily go on and on about all the unforgettable food I’ve eaten while traveling, but the more I thought about this, it became clear that there is one memory that sticks out as favourite. The reason I chose this memory has little to do with what I ate, rather it has everything to do with the person who shared the food with me.

Traveler Tuesday - Colleen of Colleen Brynn Travels

I have an uncle in Slovenia who I visited for the first time in 2005. He lives in a tiny village which is actually too small to even be called a village; it’s a collection of 25 homes. Meals with him were simple but delicious: wine, cheese, crackers and tasty homemade sausage. Every single time I sat down to share a meal with him, he would say in his charming Slovenian accent, “You don’t like it, you throw it out the window!”

[6] What is one blogging tip or lesson that you have learned along the way that you can share with my readers?
I’ve learned to be myself and to write what I like. The readers will follow. More importantly, the right readers will follow. Over the years, I have connected with countless people (bloggers and the like) who I cherish deeply and consider real friends. They’ve shared kind words, advice and secrets with me, and I wouldn’t trade these friendships for anything, not even to be the most popular blog out there.

Traveler Tuesday - Colleen of Colleen Brynn Travels

[7] Where to next?
I don’t like to divulge any travel plans before they are actually booked because anything can change at a moment’s notice. Already my initial plans for this year have dramatically changed (mostly for the better). Having said that, I can hint that I am planning to head somewhere entirely new to me, somewhere wild, somewhere often described in terms of love and hate.

Following that, I am planning a series of gatherings with some of my dearest friends in the world on my way home. One of these friends is a girl I haven’t seen in 9 years, and I met her when I lived in England all those years ago at the age of 18. For all of that, you’ll just have to follow along, won’t you?

Thanks Colleen!

You can keep up with Colleen on her blog Colleen Brynn Travels, her Facebook page or Instagram and check out her chatter on Twitter. Wherever you catch her, I am sure you will enjoy her adventures!

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  1. Wow, it sounds like Colleen really lives an adventure. It would be fun to do that. Thanks for sharing. I’ll think I will go look up her blog. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What an exciting life! I wish I could travel like Colleen! I will check out her blog for sure. Thanks!

  3. nice post ..

  4. Thank you so much for featuring me, Andi! It was a real pleasure. And boy am I glad I no longer dress like that 18 year old who moved overseas for the first time.

  5. Bogdan Mohora Sebastian says:

    nice blog

  6. How very interesting. I loved hearing about the train rides.

  7. very interesting great photots

  8. `travel is the chance to feel like myself“ I love that statement. It is exactly how I feel about travelling too! Great interview.

  9. I’m going to guess India based on your hint of ‘love and hate’. 😉 Also, it looks like we dressed quite similar during out post high school days – I have a scarf and a jacket just like that (oh mee gashh!!!)

    • Andi Fisher says:

      @Audrey, I think I was out of high school 20 years after you too, I never got a chance to wear a jacket like that, but it reminds me of the 70’s!

  10. @Andi Sure I would love to be interviewed! I love talking about travel! Thanks for the offer.

  11. Ahhh Colleen you’re keeping us on pins and needles! I can’t wait to hear what you have in store this year. And I love that story about your uncle — it reminds me of how every time I used to sit down to eat with my grandpa, he’s look at me with a bemused smirk. When I’d ask what’s so funny, he’d say, “Well every time you bend your elbow, your mouth flies open!” Made me laugh every time. 🙂

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