Travel Gear Thursday – oneCARE Travel Kit

One day in mid-September (yes, I know it is now mid-November!) I received a cute little box in the mail calling my name:

oneCare-Travel-KitInside it contained an amazing kit from oneCARE with the following products:

oneCare-Travel-Kit-Products-A Dryel Stain Pen
-A Tide Odor-Absorbing Travel Bag.
-A 3 oz. version of Downy Wrinkle Releaser
-And a Bounce Mini Lint Roller.

The kit arrived just in time as the next day I was off to Seattle for a business trip!  Little did I know how these little guys were going to be my savior!

Yes I did receive this sample pack to try the products, but the truth is that some of these items I never travel without! I always travel with a stain pen (I also keep one in my desk at work).  I eat a lot and I am a really enthusiastic eater which means no messy sauce is going to get in the way of me enjoying my bite.

Need-a-stain-stickMy shirt? Well that usually gets the brunt of my enthusiasm (and by the way, Mr. Misadventures eats with gusto as well….a match made in heaven and usually matching stains as well!) so I don’t go anywhere without a stain pen.

When I arrived in Seattle I didn’t plan to use the stain pen, but then my shuttle driver in San Francisco had my flight time wrong, I abandoned him in search a taxi which took a long time to find as no one wanted to cross the Bay Bridge out of the city.  I nearly missed my flight and when I arrived in Seattle, I missed the last shuttle downtown, got a taxi ride to the wrong hotel and when I finally got to the right hotel and into my room, I was exhausted and tired, but thrilled that there was an ahi tuna sashimi offering on the room service menu.  When it arrived and I dug and the first thing I did was get soy sauce all down my night shirt.  I was only traveling for two days so I did not bring a spare.  The solution? You guessed it…the stain pen!  It worked like magic (like it always does) and I didn’t have to stare down at a brown splotch on my night-shirt for the next two days!

Another item I never travel without is a lint roller.  Black is a large part of my wardrobe.  And restaurants are a large part of my travel (and let’s face it, my daily life) experiences.  White linen napkins and black pants don’t play nice together and that is where the lint brush comes in.  It is perfect for making yourself presentable again post-meal.  The mini size is useful to throw in your bag and have handy whenever you need it.

Intriguing to me was the Tide Odor-Absorbing Travel Bag, I had never heard of it and found the concept interesting. As I have written about before, I always travel with a laundry bag that I throw a scented dryer sheet into, but I sometimes forget the dryer sheet.  This product fixes that issue. It looks like any other laundry bag, but is made with fabric that traps odors and inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold caused by wet or really dirty clothing.  Well my suitcase didn’t smell bad when I returned home, so I guess it worked!

I did not use the final product, the Wrinkle Releaser on my trip to Seattle. I hate ironing so I try to pack clothes that won’t need it. That is the point of this product I know, releasing the wrinkles so you don’t have to iron, but as I already do everything to avoid that chore, I didn’t have any clothes to test it out.  That changed this past weekend when I went to Los Angeles.

Hate-ironingI recently bought a silky-cottony shirt that I typically wouldn’t buy precisely because I would have to iron it, but I loved the deep blue color and so I did buy it, I did pack it, and it did get wrinkled.  But alas, I had my secret weapon and I was able to use the product successfully and avoid that darn iron (victory!).

You can buy these products individually at Target (which is what I usually do), drug stores and other large-named franchised.  These things are lifesavers when you are on the road.

Lastly there is one product from oneCARE that I absolutely never, ever travel without and that is Febreze.  It will freshen up a stuffy hotel room, keep you clothes and outergear fresh, make a questionable restaurant bathroom bearable, it has dozens of uses and it is a must-have whenever I am on the road!

How about you? Do you have a go-to travel product that you always bring with you?

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