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Traveler Tuesday – Lance and Laura of Travel Addicts

Travel Blogger Lance and Laura of Travel Addicts
I am always fond of couples who can run a travel blog together. My hubby and I travel together but my blog is a my effort alone – although Mr. Misadventures does provide magnificent photos, I’d love to assign him a few tasks to do! That’s what Lance and Laura of Travel Addicts have! They travel together and work hard to produce an amazing blog.

Let’s meet Lance and Laura!

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Travel blogger - Lance and Laura of Travel Addicts
[1] When and how did you become a traveler?

We both always wanted to travel and had some adventures when we were younger. Despite our wanderlust, we did what a lot of people do – we got caught up in buying a house, having nice things, and growing our professional careers. Our time and money weren’t focused on travel, and we didn’t know how to change that, especially with only 10 days of vacation each year.

But all that changed in 2007 when Lance had an opportunity to study abroad in Italy as part of his MBA program. Suddenly, travel was something that was required. And there was no way Laura was staying home! That trip to Italy changed the way we thought about travel. We realized that if we put the date on the calendar and committed ourselves to making it happen, exploring the world was possible. The more we traveled, the more we realized how critical seeing new places and learning about new cultures was to our lives.

[2] What is travel to you in 10 words or less?

Exploration and trying new things (hopefully with some relaxation, too)


[3] What is your favorite mode of transportation and why?

We like driving when we travel because we can be on our own schedule and take frequent detours to places that we might miss if we were on a train or a bus. Driving lends itself to a slower pace and an opportunity to become more intimately familiar with a destination. We’ve done road trips in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

[4] What do you typically do while traveling by plane?

Plane time is down time. It’s usually some combination of sleeping, watching in-flight entertainment, and catching up on blog work. Lance is usually the sleeper and Laura typically enjoys in-flight entertainment. And we both do blog work…when we’re motivated.


[5] What is your favorite travel memory involving food?

We seek out amazing food on our trips from beignets in New Orleans’ French Quarter to food and wine pairings in the winelands of South Africa. But our favorite memory involving food is our visit to Parma, Italy back in 2007 (before the blog!). We donned our masks, gowns, and hats for a chance to see how Parmigiano-Reggiano and ricotta are made. From the early morning arrival of the local milk to cracking a wheel of aged cheese, we loved every moment and became loyal ambassadors of the good stuff.

Travel blogger - Lance and Laura of Travel Addicts

[6] What is one blogging tip or lesson that you have learned along the way that you can share with my readers?

While we’d both like to say something like ‘focus on the most important, strategic activities’ that’s not realistic for us. And we’re not sure we’ve been completely successful in following that advice. For us, the key is having a strong partnership and a division of labor. We absolutely don’t understand how single/solo bloggers do it.


There is so much to do that’s overwhelming for just one person. For the first four years of our blog, it was a solo enterprise run by Lance. But as we decided to make it a professional travel blog, Laura joined and has made it 1000% better. We try to divide the responsibilities as much as possible. If you can write your blog with someone else, it does make it easier.

[7] Where to next?

We have some exciting adventures planned in 2015! This spring, we’re heading to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands for a few weeks. We’ve always loved nature and this will be a chance to explore a cloud forest, hike a volcano and snorkel with the majestic creatures on Darwin’s islands. Then, Laura is doing a solo trip to Provence for a few weeks in search of the perfect wine. We’ll meet up in Spain for some together time. And that’s just the first half of the year!

Thanks Lance and Laura!

You can keep up with Lance and Laura on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest and of course on their blog. Wherever you catch them, I am sure you will enjoy their adventures!

How about you? What would you like to know about Lance and Laura?

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    1. Thanks Kristine. Power to the couples! We’ve done some solo travel, but it’s so much better when you can share it with someone. At least I think so! Laura might disagree sometimes. 🙂

  1. Yay for traveling! I am a fan of driving as well because it gives me control of my route and the time I spend places.

    1. Driving, while sometimes more expensive, really gives you a chance to get into a place in a way you just can’t do with buses or trains. We’re working on a lot more driving content soon.

  2. My husband and I go to Sedona every year. We hike and do photography everyday 3 to 6 hours. It’s the most beautiful place ever. We fly but I would love to make it a driving trip someday. They also have the best food lots of organic and gluten free.

    1. I went to Sedona a couple of times, but that’s been over 15 years ago. It’s on our list to get back there later this year.

  3. Talk about living the dream–how fabulous! And I love that they blog about it to inspire the rest of us.

  4. I’m so jealous of this wonderful couple! How great that they have such a nice relationship and are able to do what they love together, not to mention, that they can help each other. Something to aspire to!

    1. From the other side – it feels a little like we’re on Survivor. Will people like us? Will we get booted off the island?

  5. What a wonderful interview Andi! I love that you asked questions that really introduced what sounds like an amazing traveling couple. I often wonder about people’s best food memory when traveling because I have so many! I will definitely check out their blog. Thank you for the introduction!

    1. Thanks Ruth. We were talking about this after Andi published and Laura said to me that we missed our biggest food topic of all: my quest to have sausage in every country we visit. Somehow, I don’t know how we forgot to mention that one.

  6. This is so interesting to read about these other travel bloggers! This couple seems like a wonderful pair that has had and will have some great adventures!

  7. Reading this post was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t know travel blogging was a “thing.” What a great way to open the door to new and amazing places for those who wouldn’t have the slightest idea where to start. Thanks so much!

  8. Not only do they travel the world together, they also blog about it together. Very awesome! I hope to visit Ecuador one of these days. Definitely envious that they’re visiting Spain this year. Would love to return there for a visit! 🙂

  9. I loved learning more about Lance and Laura, and think it’s great that they can work and travel together. I think my husband and I, who LOVE traveling, would kill each other if we were working together on it!

    1. Lois – gotta be honest. It wasn’t easy to start out. We’re both very Type A headstrong people. But we’ve really developed a groove to working with each other.

  10. They sound like such an awesome couple, I hope one day my boo will start to help me with my blog. I do love doing it alone but this week has been so hectic that I am finding it hard to get some alone time or even blog time.

  11. It is so interesting to hear how couples do it. I do most of the work with our blog but if I need help he is always there to help out. Love that sunset photo!

  12. They sound like really incredible people. I’d like to know if they still get excited when heading home and crawling into bed for the first time after being away for a while, or if they’re always looking forward to the next trip. I love travelling, but I know that when I’ve been away for a while I can’t wait to get back home and stay there for a while. I’m a homebody – and a travel lover. It’s a strange combination.

  13. I envy you and I love coming to your page I feel like I am traveling with you maybe I will be a traveler in my life until I will travel through you =) thanks for sharing all your adventures

  14. Aw, they look like a fun couple. It think it’s awesome when a couple works together. Great interview!

  15. Oh you two together are such a beautiful pair.i am happy to read this post.its impirtant to know how people start thier journey .. it can be helpfull also for other people.good luck for future u r doing a great job

  16. Oh, I wish my husband would get involved with my travel blog, but it’s just not his thing. I also wish he’d had to go to school in Italy! What a great way to jumpstart a life of travel and blogging. That said, he great with driving holidays, which is a relief because there is no way I’m driving in Europe. You’re a lucky couple.

  17. I am a particular fan of the food section of this – how cool it must be to see how those cheeses were made…love living through other people 🙂

  18. Oh wow, what a blessed lifestyle Lance and Laura have. Hubby and I are both travel enthusiast but with two kids in school, it is always hard to incorporate that. Great insights here, thanks for sharing your interview with them.

  19. Wow, do you guys need a travel buddy? It sounds like the philosophy of living life to the fullest is reigning supreme in this article. I would love to be able to do that. We recently went to NOLA and enjoyed the same beignettes–amazing!

  20. I love being able to travel with my husband John!! He takes a lot of the photos for my blog as well. Looks like you have had some amazing travels and adventures together! These are great pictures!

  21. I wish I traveled as much as some of these people you have on your blog. I love the idea and how fun it must be. But the thought of traveling with my kids at this age is not even an option. Once they get older now thats a different story.

  22. I’m a travel blogger, too, and though I usually travel as a couple with my husband, it’s me doing all the blogging. I’m not complaining though! I don’t think he would even trust himself near the blog. Haha. Plus, he has his own business to run that I’m not very good at. 🙂

  23. Hello Lance and Laura! My family loves traveling by road too! I agree that when you drive and travel by road, you get more intimate. Most of our fun stories and loudest laughter happens when we’re inside our vehicle.

    Cheers to us for more road travels! 🙂

  24. Loved hearing about Lance and Laura, and that’s quite an inspiration to hear about the travel blogger duo! My husband and I were just talking about doing something similar today… Currently, I do the content creation, whereas he doesn’t generally do content creation (he’d rather play video games), but he just mentioned that he’d be interested in trying out video-making of adventures.. and we both love traveling… (going to Hawaii next week!), so maybe…! 🙂 Great to have the inspiration!

    Laurie of Eye For Elegance

  25. Nice blog posts, i like the travel trip enjoyed in Lance and Laura of travel planners to be more funn……….Thanks

  26. Lovely blog you have here…..why oh why oh why cant my hubby get off his you know what and travel the world like some of the couples here. I write for two websites –,uk and but like others am looking to do more travelling. One day maybe? 🙂

  27. Awesome blog posts, I like to traveling in make information in blogger. I’ll get a full suggestion take in this blog readers with Lance and Laura for traveling trip to many places around of the world………………Thanks

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