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Traveler Tuesday – Natalie of Cosmos Mariners

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This is going to be the last Tuesday Traveler for a while. I am putting the series on a hiatus so that I can keep content fresh, interest high and readers happy.

I have often thought about what I would name my blog if I was starting over again from scratch. I think I would choose something far more unique than Misadventures with Andi (although I have a very good reason for selecting the name). One of my favorite names, for its meaning and uniqueness, is that of blog friend Natalie of Cosmos Mariners, check out Natalie’s About page for a description.

Natalie travels all over the world and writes about her exotic locations, but she also lives in the South and I love her guides from all over that region.

Let’s meet Natalie!

Travel blogger - Natalie of CosmosMariners

[1] When and how did you become a traveler?

I don’t remember the first trip I took, but I’ve been told it was to Walt Disney World when I was 2. As I grew up, my parents put an emphasis on traveling, and we would go on multiple family trips each year. Those trips were always so much fun: experiencing new places with my parents and sister instilled a love of learning and travel in me. I went on my first trip without my parents when I was 18 when five friends and I drove to Key West, Florida for a week. Ever since then, I’ve stayed busy as I try to see as much of the world as possible!

[2] What is travel to you in 10 words or less?

Fully experiencing what it means to be human.

Travel blogger - Natalie of CosmosMariners

[3] What is your favorite mode of transportation and why?

As long as I’m moving, I’m pretty happy! If I had to choose one mode, though, it would probably be a car. I love road trips: I have the flexibility to stop and check out a fun site along the way, I can stop when I need to, and I’m a huge fan of wandering down back roads.

[4] What do you typically do while traveling by plane?

Read or watch a movie. I don’t sleep well on planes (who does?!), so I try to catch up on my never-ending list of books I want to read. Oh, the problems of a bibliophile…

Travel blogger - Natalie of CosmosMariners

[5] What is your favorite travel memory involving food?

When I studied abroad in London, it was only the second time that I’d been to Europe, and it was the furthest away I’d ever been from my friends and family. During my school’s orientation, the students were taken to the British Museum for afternoon tea, as a way to show us a bit of the culture we were about to immerse ourselves in.

Being from the U.S. South, I’d grown up on sweet iced tea and I had no clue what to expect. When the waiters brought these stacked silver trays filled with cakes and sandwiches, and white porcelain pots of black oolong, I was entranced. It was in that moment that I fell head over heels in love with London, British culture, and, especially clotted cream and scones.

Travel blogger - Natalie of CosmosMariners

[6] What is one blogging tip or lesson that you have learned along the way that you can share with my readers?

People can only absorb so much in one post. I have a really bad habit of getting super excited about a place I’ve visited and packing too much information in one post. So much great stuff gets overlooked when I write that way, and I’m learning to be patient, parse out sections of my trip, and tackle the pieces one by one.

[7] Where to next?

2015 is going to be a great year for my travels! I’ve got several smaller road trips in the works for Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. I’ve also got too big trips planned—one to Jamaica and Mexico, and the other to Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and France. I’m also hoping to do a little more exploring in my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, which has an abundance of historical sites and award-winning restaurants.

Thanks Natalie!

You can keep up with Natalie on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest as well as her blog. Wherever you catch her, I am sure you will enjoy her adventures!

How about you? What would you like to know about Natalie?

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