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Traveler Tuesday – Ava of Spa Travel Gal

I am not much of a spa girl. But I have many, many girlfriends that are. I can tell you though that as a resource there is no one better out there than travel blogger Ava Roxanne Stritt of Spa Travel Gal! She is the ultimate resource for all spa-related travel and hosts the weekly #SkincareSunday or #SpaTravel on Twitter and is known for her inside tips which she sends to those who are Ava Insiders.


Let’s meet Ava!

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Travel blogger Ava Roxanne Stritt

[1] When and how did you become a traveler?

I have always written and got awards for writing poetry and newspapers articles in HS and College. During these years my mother traveled as a state representative all over the world from Russia during the Cold War – her activities even included sleeping on the Bay of Bengal in a thatched hut – so hearing her stories all during my childhood inspired me to travel.

My travels dreams were not quite as sparse though as hers. I enjoyed reading about ladies that had afternoon tea at The Ritz-Carlton and thus my future was born.

[2] What is travel to you in 10 words or less?

A way to expand your mind broader than written words could ever inspire.

Quote from travel blogger Ava of Spa Travel Gal

[3] What is your favorite mode of transportation and why?

First Class almost anywhere but I am partial to First Class Eurostar from the St. Pancras to Paris for a day of shopping! St. Pancras hotel has a service to take you straight to the train with a bellman.

Eurostar trains at St Pancras
Eurostar trains at St Pancras

[4] What do you typically do while traveling by plane?


[5] What is your favorite travel memory involving food?

I will have to substitute a drink (or cocktails) at the new Fragrance Lounge at The Ritz-Carlton Berlin.

Fragrance Lounge at The Ritz-Carlton Berlin
Fragrance Lounge at The Ritz-Carlton Berlin

[6] What is one blogging tip or lesson that you have learned along the way that you can share with my readers?

Be yourself and not anyone else.

[7] Where to next?

More spa travels of course possibly Peru.

Thanks Ava!

You can keep up with Ava on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram as well as her blog. Wherever you catch her, I am sure you will enjoy her adventures!

How about you? What would you like to know about Ava?

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  1. love the quote in #2!

  2. Julia Flaherty says:

    Spa days are so fun! Lovely post.

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Martha, why thank you! I will definitely visit yours as well!

  3. I love the quote Ava gave. It’s true, traveling (seeing things firsthand) will teach more than any words in a magazine.

  4. Oh how I’d love to always travel in first class! Have flown in 1st once and what a difference it made! I too, love the spa, but don’t go nearly enough! Love Ava’s lifestyle, but who wouldn’t!

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Christina, I have not done it very often, but it is life-changing!

  5. If only someone paid me for being a spa traveler as a living. I’d love to die for that dream job. Nice to meet you, Ava!

  6. I love the blogging tip, “Be yourself and not anyone else!” I think that is one the best aspects of blogging that I enjoy, reading everyone’s experiences from their own viewpoints.

  7. Wow! I wish I could travel the world going to various spas! What a life! 🙂

  8. I never traveled first class, the closest I get in the front row in coach, lol.

  9. I think I’m in the wrong line of work! I love how Ava describes traveling. Great interview!

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Corina, totally agree! First class travel and spa? Sounds good to me!

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Becky, I would love to hear more! I went many years ago, but definitely want to get back!