Tips For Cultivating Positivity

Tips For Cultivating Positivity

Unfortunately these days, there are so many aspects of society that can make you feel a little down in the dumps, even some resolutions that claim to improve your confidence can have the complete opposite effect. With so many outside influences threatening your happiness (something I have written about in the past), how do you stay in control, and ensure that you can move forward in life rather than fall back or get stuck in a rut?

I've got a few suggestions for you. Ones I think will go a long way in cultivating positivity. Following some positive self-improvement tips might just be a perfect start, as you can help yourself grow stronger mentally and physically, as well as learn new skills and gather different experiences that can help you to grow and evolve.

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Forward momentum is a key part of long-term happiness, sometimes staying in the same place mentally or financially for a long time can have a negative impact on your well-being and general motivation. Luckily, there are a few tried and true steps that you can take to reach your goals (and the stars!) in almost every part of life – so what are you waiting for? 

Here we go! 

Take Part In Calming Practices 

Tips For Cultivating Positivity - Meditation

There is a wealth of practices that exist solely to increase a feeling of calm and tranquility, and taking part in just a few sessions can have quite a considerable effect on your mood and outlook. One of the very best traditional methods is meditation which comes in several forms. Meditation is a practice in which you aim to reach mental peace, and this is done through breathing exercises, repeating mantras, and relaxing your body to focus on your thoughts.

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The tradition maybe thousands of years old as there are many early recordings originally from China that are said to show meditation sequences and routines, so it’s been a go-to fix for much longer than mass media might lead you to believe.

As well as meditation, you may also be interested in trying a sport such as yoga – you can still get most of the same benefits as other practices, but also gain the added bonus of strengthening your muscles, improving your balance, and burning fat, which all combine to encourage the release of endorphins. Endorphins are better known as ‘happy chemicals’ that your body creates after working out, and they can bring about a feeling of optimistic euphoria as well as reduce muscle stress too. 

Eat A Balanced Diet 

Tips For Cultivating Positivity - Eating a Balanced Diet

Food is the fuel that your mind and body need to thrive, so consuming an unhealthy diet made up of high-sugar, salt, and fatty foods will mean that you are essentially forcing yourself to fall at the very first hurdle. Alternatively, ensuring that you eat meals that are rich in vitamins and minerals will provide you with everything you need to leap out of your bed every morning and have the stable energy that you need to perform to your full capabilities each day.

A healthy diet should be made up of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and small portions of unsaturated fats, as these food groups will give you all of the nutrients that are required to feel at your very best.

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Try to avoid pigging out on fast food and processed, prepackaged products, as these generally contain potentially harmful ingredients such as artificial flavorings, preservatives, and colors which can have an adverse effect – some E numbers are proven to cause mood swings and mental instability, and these unhealthy foods will give you a very short and intense burst of energy that soon fizzles out and causes you to crash.

Replacing your usual snacks can be tough, as the ingredients inside may even be somewhat addictive. However, with determination and commitment, you can easily transform your eating habits so that you can start to feel amazing, all of the time! Search online for inspiration and motivation if you need it, as there are so many resources on the internet that can show you exactly how to eat to feel the most benefits. 

Say No To Social Media 

Tips For Cultivating Positivity - Say No to Social Media

Social media can have such a terrible effect on your mental health, as it can be a place in which negativity festers and takes over. There are so many pages that exist to show off a ‘luxury’ lifestyle along with heavily photoshopped images, and these act as some kind of goal or inspiration for a large percentage of smartphone users.

Though social media can also be a safe space in some instances, overall it’s not a platform that’s suitable for those who struggle with confidence issues. Deciding against using or limiting the use of these websites can improve your mental health quite noticeably, and the time that you get back from saying no to social media can be spent doing something much more beneficial and productive.

How to Make the Most of Your Design Skills

Even the individuals pictured in a photograph do not look this way in reality, so why must you waste your time trying to achieve a goal that simply does not exist? The way that you look is not the only trait you hold. You are no doubt an interesting and unique person who has many likes and dislikes – pursue your passions and find activities that make you feel good, and don’t get bogged down with what other people think.

Why not head back to school and gain an extra qualification instead? I mentioned recently that if I started my career all over again I might go into cybersecurity, on the other hand, as much as I love books and reading I think it would be pretty cool to study library science at a school like the University of Southern California – their library is gorgeous! Going back to school, even just learning a new skill will encourage you to be yourself and concentrate on something worthwhile instead of checking into social media every 5 minutes!  

Tips For Cultivating Positivity - Be Happy

Finding peace in today's modern world doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think when you are able to follow the innovative steps outlined above. Self-improvement isn’t exclusively about losing weight or wearing makeup, as it should be more about how you personally feel inside your mind rather than the opinions that other people hold. Take part in some calming practices, eat the most balanced diet, and say no to social media to find your inner zen. 

How about you? Do you have any suggestions or tips for cultivating positivity in your life? Do share!

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Tips For Cultivating PositivityTips For Cultivating PositivityTips For Cultivating Positivity

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