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What to do in Arlington Texas – Sports Edition

What to do in Arlington Texas – Texas Rangers Baseball
Image via Flickr by Scott Ableman.

Disclosure: This post about what to do in Arlington Texas (Sports Edition) was created in collaboration with InterContinental Hotels Group. As always, all experiences and opinions are my own.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I love sports! I'm not sporty or athletic, but I love watching sports of all kinds. I grew up as a military brat, and my family lived all over the country. One of the things we did whenever we moved to a new place was to check out the sports teams. I have so many fond memories of family outings to games.

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We lived in Texas for three years, and I got to see Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. But we missed out on seeing Arlington. As I look at all the sports-related things you can do there, I'm pretty sure that was a mistake, one that I'd like to remedy soon with a trip.

From indoor to outdoor venues and individual to team sports, this city has loads of sporty things to see and do. You can definitely get your sports on in Arlington! I've already checked out the great IHG hotels near the ballparks in Arlington, and I have my eye on a ton of restaurants. Now I just need to decide what season to pick! Which do you think I should choose?

Dallas Cowboys Football

Get Your Sports On in Arlington Texas - Dallas Cowboys Football
Sports in Arlington: Dallas Cowboys at play. Image via Flickr by Steve.

Boston may beg to differ, but I've always considered the Dallas Cowboys America's football team. The franchise's history is deep, and you can't go wrong catching a game at AT&T Stadium. I hear the Berkshire “bacon” pork chop in the Stadium Club restaurant is not to be missed. In the off-season, the facility offers tours of the largest domed structure in the world.

Texas Rangers Baseball

Sports in Arlington: Texas Rangers Baseball. Image via Flickr by Keith Allison.

I absolutely love baseball, and it's very tempting to go to Arlington during baseball season so I can catch the Texas Rangers at their best. I'm also dying to try the Chicken & Donut Skewers at Flew the Coop inside the stadium. If you don't go during the regular season, you can still go on a tour of Globe Life Field, which includes the batting cages and the press box.

Right Up Your Alley

Sports in Arlington: Bowling at Alley Cats or visiting the Bowling Museum. Image via Flickr by Joonas Tikkanen.

Whether it's Friday night fun or league night, who doesn't love a game of bowling? Not only can you have fun playing at Alley Cats, a state-of-the-art bowling facility, but you can also visit the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame right in Arlington. Here, you can learn all about the sport's long history.

Catch Your Dinner

What to do in Arlington Texas – World Class Bass Fishing
Sports in Arlington: Bass Fishing at Lake Arlington. Image via Flickr by Patrick Lewis.

Lake Arlington offers world-class bass fishing. There are competitions throughout the year, so the lake is well stocked. If you aren't into the pole and worm routine, you might just appreciate a kayak or canoe ride on the lovely lake. You can work up an appetite for a fish dinner at any one of the many Creole-style seafood restaurants in the area.

What did I tell you? This town is a sportsman's paradise. And I didn't even get to the retro roller skating at Arlington Skatium, the hiking at River Legacy Park, or the rock climbing at Dyno-Rock Indoor Climbing Center! Whether you prefer being a spectator or jumping in the mix, you can definitely get your sports on Arlington, Texas!

How about you? Have you spent any time in Arlington? Have something to add to this list? Do tell!

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What to do in Arlington Texas - Sports EditionWhat to do in Arlington Texas - Sports EditionWhat to do in Arlington Texas - Sports Edition
What to do in Arlington Texas - Sports EditionWhat to do in Arlington Texas - Sports EditionWhat to do in Arlington Texas - Sports Edition

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  1. I’ve never been to Arlington but it sounds like there is a lot going on! Any place that has hiking is a win in my book 🙂

    1. @Divya, I keep learning about more and more great hiking spots in Texas, it is something I never really associated with the state, but I was wrong!

  2. Neely Moldovan says:

    Its so fun living here and being so close to so many cool sports venues! Lov eme some cowboys football!

  3. I’ve never been to Arlington, but how cool that you have access to so many great sports venues! It’s at least a 2 hour drive for us to see professional football in person – and much further for baseball.

    1. @Jaime, that’s a bummer but I’ve been in that situation. Makes it a real treat when you can go.

  4. Melanie Burbage says:

    What a great place to go visit! I would totally want to go see a game there! The fish looks big enough to feed a big family , ha

  5. I think we’d have to do some bowling at Alley Cats. I’d love to do some exploring in the International Bowling Museum too.

  6. Oh yes, Arlington is the place to catch all the sports action! And Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor is right there as well – so much to do!

  7. If you love sports, you need to come to Knoxville during football season and see what a real college game day is like (surrounded by 105,000 of your closest friends, ha!). I remember going out to my first college game on the West Coast (Stanford vs. Berkeley) and thinking: aww, this is so cute. It’s like being back in my high school stadium again! 😉

    I never have been to Arlington, though, so I’d be down for meeting you for a weekend of sports!

    1. @Kristin, I would love to see a game. I was lucky I got to see sports all over the country growing up.

  8. I’ve never been to Arlington, but it looks like an incredible destination for sports fans. I love college football, but haven’t explored much more of the sporting world than that for better or for worse. We are hoping to see an MLB game while we’re out in Denver later this year, though!

    1. @Natalie, I group in a family where we sought out the closest baseball team wherever we were stationed, I love that game. My grandmother loved football, so I grew to love it as well. And I was head over heels in love with a lot of basketball players as a teenager. I don’t get to go to as many games as I like, but I love sports!

  9. We are not huge baseball fans but we are a sports household. My husband and son love basketball and it is always on in our home.

  10. I am not a big sports lover but my husband is. He would love this post. Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Calvin F. says:

    Never been there but looks like there’s lots to do!