Under the Tuscan Clouds

Under the Tuscan clouds. Yes. I know. It is supposed to be under the Tuscan sun, but if you saw the clouds the days I was in Tuscany, you would agree with the name change too. After an amazing day adventuring en route to Siena and the truly adventurous Context Tour in the city full of a caste of characters (more on that coming up in a separate post!), we once again left Florence and headed to … [Read more...]

Adventures In the Tuscan Countryside

Remember that trip to Tuscany I took that one time.  Yes, the one last year.... Well [more of] the posts are coming!  We returned home one year ago this week, so why not celebrate by letting the posts I wrote see the light of day! Many of the photos were taken by Mr. Misadventures and you can find his full Tuscany portfolio (and many other spots we have traveled to) on his site, Sel & … [Read more...]

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The Tuscan wines

Living as I do in Spain, a country with a great wine culture and some of the best wines in the world, I wasn’t concerned at all that Italy had great wines too, especially the region of Tuscany. However, as I have discovered, Tuscany produces some of the finest Italian wines in the world (in addition to Spain!) The most popular being the Chianti, the Brunello di Montalcino and the Vino Nobile di … [Read more...]

Tuscany Beyond Gelaterias

I bet that once in Florence you will go crazy with the variety of gelaterias (ice cream shops) and the most unimaginable ice cream flavours: liquorice, cappuccino, mint&chocolate, not to mention the ones inspired by the most popular Italian chocolates bacio (literally kiss), ferrero rocher… Italians, though, when thinking of Florence and food do not necessarily have ice cream in mind, because … [Read more...]

Why do we love everything that makes us fat?

...And how does that relate to Italy :-) ? It must be among the top 5 questions of modern history. Ok, maybe only in the Western World, but why the hell don’t we ever feel like stuffing ourselves with tons of salad and vegetables?! Instead we can’t get enough of spaghetti carbonara? Well, to your feed your curiosity, and also to ease your conscious, the University of California has recently … [Read more...]

Tuscan Delights

In the mood for a travel destination with history, character, culture, wine and great food? Well, Tuscany might be exactly what you are looking for. There is plenty to do in Central Italy, but the question is “where do you begin?” Perhaps your love of wine is what brings you to Tuscany. Large and small wineries across the region of Chianti offer hundreds of unique wines to try. Not only are … [Read more...]