Weekly Wanderings #40 – Red Bay

We completed our second week in Red Bay. Red Bay is in a very rural part of Alabama, right on the Mississippi border.  There is not a lot to do and we are basically sitting on an old airstrip that has been converted to a "campground" for RV's waiting for repairs.  There are 93 spots for RV's and at the moment the grounds are nearly full. October is a very busy month for them. Without (working) … [Read more...]

Making Tupelo Mine: My Tupelo Dream Trip

On our most recent adventures, the hubby and I have spent a lot of time in the Southwest. A lot of time. So come June, as we begin to reach the midway point of our year off, I’m the one taking charge of the itinerary. That means green (instead of sands and rocks), that means people (again, instead of sands and rocks), and that means food. We’ll be going up through the Pacific Northwest for a … [Read more...]