Magnificent Mono Lake

When Mr. Misadventures and I made our side trip to Bodie, our main destination was Mono Lake. The only thing I had ever remembered about Mono Lake was "Save Mono Lake" bumper stickers on station wagons that I probably saw while visiting California to see my grandparents when I was younger.  I guess the bumper stickers worked because in 1983 the Mono Lake Committee and the National Audobon Society … [Read more...]

Bodie – Goldmining Ghost Town

During a weekend roadtrip from the San Francisco Bay Area, destination Mono Lake, Mr. Misadventures and I made a side trip to Bodie, a fascinating gold-mining ghost town with lots of untold stories to tell. Located in the Sierra Nevadas, Bodie is a mining town from the late 1800's frozen in time, or as they call it "in a state of arrested decay." Well my imagination likes to get the best of … [Read more...]

Death Valley for a Day

Knowing enough about Mr. Misadventures predilection for deserts and places with sandy rocks, I was not surprised when his suggestion for a trip to Las Vegas really meant, "let's check out Death Valley." We followed our normal routine, the same as when we go to places like Valley of Fire.  We flew into Las Vegas on a Friday evening in time to make it to Whole Foods before they close.  We picked … [Read more...]

Winter at the Wave

A couple of Fridays ago while I was working at the GRAMMYs rehearsals my cell phone suddenly began buzzing away with multiple text messages coming in.  When I got a moment to take a look, it was Mr. Misadventures excitedly letting me know that we had gotten permits for the Wave. In fact, our favorite guide and all around good guy, William of Dreamland Safari Tours had won the lottery...that is … [Read more...]

Trip Report – Portland for the weekend

I have been trying to get Mr. Misadventures to a spot in Oregon for a while now.  He love Seattle and the San Juan Islands, so I knew he would be just as fond of Portland.  My plan had been to go in September, but the weekend we selected was the same as Feast Portland, and while we are huge foodies, hotel availability was a challenge so I pushed our trip into October.  The later you go in the … [Read more...]

Southwest Road Trip 2012 Day 1: Las Vegas to Zion

A lot of my offline friends have been interested in how Mr. Misadventures and I organized our 10-day Southwest road trip, plus I owe you guys posts on what I was up to.  So I am combining the information as a way to kill two birds with one stone. There are couple of things that you should know first off.  To begin with, this trip was entirely planned by Mr. Misadventures.  Taking photos of the … [Read more...]

Happy Trails….

Today ends our 10-day road-trip. We drove back from Moab, Utah to Las Vegas and will catch a flight back to the Bay Area tomorrow. It has been quite a trip. By the numbers it looks like this: 2000 photos taken 1832 miles driven, all but 300 driven by me 500 additional miles in 3 off-road vehicles 20 additional miles on a river boat 3 states: NV, AZ, UT 9 Parks 5 hotels 3 Denny’s … [Read more...]

Road trip report – Los Angeles for 54th The GRAMMY Rehearsals

Sometimes my job is a lot of fun and despite the stress that accompanies some of the events I go to, I ultimately enjoy it.  For the second year in a row I attended several days of the GRAMMY rehearsals in Los Angeles. Attending rehearsals is not attending the show and I will be sitting in front of the television just like every one else watching the show tonight!  But I will tune in and that … [Read more...]

Misadventures in Key West

I have been trying to figure out a way to write this road trip report without sounding like a snob or a hippie (strange dichotomy I know, but trust me on this one) so in the end I think it just comes down to this Key West is not for me. I blame myself.  Even as a seasoned travel from time to time even I pull a rookie mistake. I didn't do enough research before booking this trip, heck I didn't do … [Read more...]

Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada

A few weeks ago I met Mr. Misadventures in Las Vegas. He had been at a conference on the strip all week and by the time I arrived he was anxious to get out of town! We got up very early to drive the hour to the Valley of Fire State Park, the oldest state park in Nevada. When we reached Highway 40/Highway 169, the road that we took into the park, it was deserted, seriously, we parked the car and … [Read more...]

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