Traveler Tuesday – Claire and Rosemary of Authentic Food Quest

I met the talented duo behind Authentic Food Quest at WITS in Irvine this past March and immediately fell in love! Claire and Rosemary quit their corporate jobs to travel the world and dive deeply into the food culture and the experiences of great destinations near and far. And while I love living in the RV, the idea of traveling the world with these two enthusiastic foodies, is tantalizing!  … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Nick of Travel Echo

I met Nick virtually when he reached out for support on the launch of his new e-book, "F@ck Pasta and Ketchup." When I took a look at the book and checked out some of Nick's adventures on his blog Travel Echo, I knew that I wanted to interview him here for Traveler Tuesday. Let’s meet Nick! When and how did you become a traveler? I used to be an IT businessman before my days as a … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Susan of Miss Violetta

Today we are going to do something different. From time to time I have interviewees who are travelers, but bloggers. Instead they are curators of all those wonderful things we collect or want to collect, creating wonderful collections for us travelers to buy (or to send links to our families to buy). Miss Violetta, the creation by Susan Wildes, is just that. A beautiful collection of curated … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Vicky of Chasing the Map

I reached out to Vicky of Chasing the Map on Instagram because, well, food. That and she has a really cute cat. Vicky has just returned from staying on an island in the Caribbean called Vieques which by the looks of her recent post on Rancho Choli has me wanting to hop on a plane for roast pork! An island girl at heart, but based in New England, Vicky quit her 9-5 and made traveling a … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Arnette of Round the World Girl

This week I'm super excited to introduce you to former AFAR co-hort, Arnette of Round the World Girl. This world traveler (19 countries in 19 months anyone?) and Instagram sensation never stops! Like my good friend Nyssa, she is looking for experiences. Sometimes that means budget. Sometimes that means luxury, Arnette doesn't let the price tag influence her decisions she seeks out the experiences … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Noni of Noni May

I met Noni of Noni May in a Facebook group for travelers, like minds coming together to support and help each other in the travel blogging space.  Noni is a digital nomad who has a lot of great free and paid content on her website, definitely check it out. But first, let’s meet Noni! When and how did you become a traveler? I've always traveled a lot in Europe, with the thought that … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Donna and Jeff of The Savory Road

I briefly met Donna of The Savory Road at WITs in Boston last year. And as soon as I started following her and Jeff, the other half of the dynamic eating duo, on Instagram, I was hooked! [P.S. you can still get tickets to go to WITS in Irvine next month!] They are currently in transition to full-time blogging and road tripping after many years of writing and producing a TV cooking show.  … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Kat of Our Adventures in Japan

I follow Kat of Our Japanese Adventures on Instagram and I love the photos she posts, so I reached out and asked if she would participate in my Traveler Tuesday interview series.  If I wasn't a Francophile I would definitely be a Nipponophile, as I love all things Japanese (most especially the food of course!) Let’s meet Kat! When and how did you become a traveler? I actually started … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Nyssa of The Cultureur

In 2015 I had the honor and privilege of working with an extraordinary group of bloggers on the ExperienceBuick project. One such blogger was Nyssa of The Cultureur.  We peripherally knew each other from AFAR channels, but had not met in person. Turns out we got along beautifully and I have deep appreciation for her intellect, her taste, her sense of humor and her debating skills! Nyssa focuses … [Read more...]

Traveler Tuesday – Suncana Selimovic

Not all travelers have travel blogs. Shocking, I know! [Just kidding.] But there are many bloggers and non-bloggers alike who love to travel, even if they don't have a travel blog. Like Suncana, who has a newly launched fitness blog called Body Connection Obsessed. She may not be a travel blogger, but she LOVES to travel! Let’s meet Suncana! When and how did you become a traveler? I … [Read more...]