Travel Tip Thursday – How to travel Europe on a budget

Whether you’re planning to take a gap year after studying and have very little to spend, or you’d just like to take a break without breaking the bank, travelling around Europe is a fantastic experience that can most definitely be done within every price range. Europe is a hugely expansive continent, so you have many options to choose from, be it history and culture, beautiful landscapes or lazy … [Read more...]

Travel Tip Thursday – Airplane Health Tips

I have been on a lot of airplanes recently. A lot. So I thought I would share a few tips for trying to stay healthy while being trapped in one of these germs tubes. That way you may actually enjoy your destination when you get there! Bring sanitizing wipes and use them. I always have a pack of these in whatever bag I am carrying around.  Most of the time it is to clean myself off after enjoying … [Read more...]

Travel Tip Thursday – Traveling With a Pet: What You Need to Know

Everyone deserves to hop on a plane and go exploring. But if you’re a pet owner who is itching to travel, it can be difficult—not to mention a big hassle—to secure space for your dog at a local kennel or enlist your neighbors to take care of your cat while you are away. That is why a lot of us just bring our pets on the plane. While flying with your pet may sound difficult if you never tried … [Read more...]

Travel Tip Thursday – Pointers on Using Starwood Hotel Points

Wherever I travel in the world my preferred choice for hotels is Starwood hotels within the Starwood Group.  (Next comes Relais Chateau. They happily co-exists as most of the time the locations for a Relais Chateau property are unique and there is no Starwood options).  I have been a loyal member of the Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Program for a very long time. In as such I have had lots of … [Read more...]

Travel Tip Thursday: Hanging Wet Clothes

Whenever I travel and plan on going into the water, whether that be pool, lake or the sea, there is one items that I always throw into my suitcase.  My Flexoline which I used to hang and dry bathing suits and wet clothes. I have used this in hotel rooms, on cruise ships, rented houses and even a car.  It is perfect for stretching a clothesline between to fixed posts and takes up absolutely no … [Read more...]

Travel Tip Thursday: Traveling with Contact Lenses

An important tenet in my life is efficiency and convenience.  I don't like to shop so I do huge shopping trips when forced to or I shop online.  I maximize my efforts in whatever I do. This is even more important when I travel. When I travel, everything is optimized, multi-use, and tried-and-true tested.  I want to concentrate on immersing myself in the place I am visiting and not worrying … [Read more...]

Travel Tip Tuesday – Language Help with Notecards

A comment left on this past week's J'adore #16 regarding the hilarious napkin for cabbies, reminded me of another travel tip to share. When I was in Suzhou for nine weeks I sometimes found myself either alone or in a small group of non-Chinese speaking colleagues.  The inhabitants of Suzhou at the time did not spek much English outside of hotels so to get to certain places and back and forth to … [Read more...]

Travel Tip Tuesday – Take photos!

Here is a tip I learned the hard way. Take photos of the name of every restaurant you eat in when you travel. Not only will it help you remember the name of that great little cafe in Rome where you had the best linguine vongole of your life four years ago (my story), but it will also help you remember the name of the that terrible and over-priced restaurant that you want to tell your colleague to … [Read more...]

Travel Tip Tuesday – Location-based coupons

If you use social media, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or you write a blog, it is likely you have seen many of the location-based applications such as Whrrl, Gowalla, or FourSquare.  It's not just about checking in, it also allows businesses, large and small to provide unique promotions to people using these applications.  I do like these applications but one problem is that you aren't presented … [Read more...]

Travel Tip Tuesday – Daily Notes

Last November when I returned from Paris I struggled with remembering all the details of the trip.  Same thing when I went to Central America in December. On my most recent trip to France I decided that I did not want to (a) miss any details of my trip and (b) that I did not want to have a huge amount of work to do to prepare posts when I returned. I thought about it ahead of time and figured … [Read more...]