Travel Gear Thursday – oneCARE Travel Kit

One day in mid-September (yes, I know it is now mid-November!) I received a cute little box in the mail calling my name: Inside it contained an amazing kit from oneCARE with the following products: -A Dryel Stain Pen -A Tide Odor-Absorbing Travel Bag. -A 3 oz. version of Downy Wrinkle Releaser -And a Bounce Mini Lint Roller. The kit arrived just in time as the next day I was off to Seattle for … [Read more...]

Travel Gear Tuesday – Mophie

One piece of gear that has saved me over and over again is what I consider to be my lifeline for my cell phone. I have an iPhone 3GS (holding out for iPhone 5!) and use a Mophie Juice Pack to re-charge my cell phone on long trips and long days. Since the days of my Mophie (I have the one in the photo) they have come up with sleeker designs with a thinner form factor, but for me it is the … [Read more...]

Travel Gear Tuesday – The Pill Box

Most of my trips are longer than one or two days. But in the next couple of weeks I have two overnight trips coming up and carrying a small overnight bag is essential for convenience and efficiency. That means limiting liquids to the infamous 1-quart Ziploc bag and making sure they are under 3-ounces.  Something I have been experimenting with for months. I have tried numerous types of plastic … [Read more...]

Travel Gear Tuesday – Be.ez Bags

Be easy. Or rather Be.ez. That's what happens when French fashion sense and design expertise meets the world of travel and laptop bags. I had the pleasure to check out this line while I was at CES, I was wandering around the South Hall where a lot of the cell phone, Ipad and notebook accessory companies were displaying there wares.  I walked buy the Be.ez booth and the bags caught my eye.  But … [Read more...]

Travel Gear Tuesday – Cocoon Grid-It™

When it comes to packing I am all about being hyper-organized. As I shared before, I always use my Eagle Creek Packing Solutions to keep my suitcase ship-shape. While at CES I accidentally wandered into a booth and found a new product that I think is pretty cool. It's called a Grid-It™ Organizer by a company called Cocoon Innovations. It's a flat grid that allows you to organize your bits and … [Read more...]

Travel Gear Tuesday – The perfect travel dress

Usually when I am traveling packing a dress can be a bit of a pain, especially if most of the clothes and shoes I am bringing are for outdoor activities or I am taking mainly casual-wear. But now I have found the perfect solution, a dress you can just throw into your suitcase that comes out looking sexy and fresh no matter what! The dress? Patagonia's Margot dress.  It comes in several colors, … [Read more...]

Travel Gear Tuesday – Eagle Creek Packing Solutions

When traveling on extended trips it pays to have your suitcase packed in a highly organized fashion.  This is important on short trips as well, but longer trips require more stuff and therefore more thoughtful packing. The products that I have used for the last ten years are the packing solutions from Eagle Creek. Mr. Misadventures actually introduced these to me when we first started dating.  At … [Read more...]

Travel Gear Tuesday – My Bags

A couple of people have asked me what bags I use on my travels so I thought I would share.  I would love to hear what other people use as well.  Finding good travel bags is essential.  You want as light as possible with good functionality and is extremely durable. Although how and what you pack does impact the performance of a bag, finding a good bag cannot be dismissed.  I will have to say that … [Read more...]

Travel Gear Tuesday – The Pashmina

It wasn't until I started traveling to Europe and Asia on my own that I figured out the unique versatility of the pashmina (or sarong or scarf).  I learned this via quiet observation of French women.  Not only on the street or in cafes, but in the airport as well.  One item of clothing that was consistently present no matter what their outfit, was a scarf. At first I thought it was just part of … [Read more...]

Travel Gear Tuesday – Ziploc Bags

Ziploc bags are the most essential travel gadget, period.  Sadly, even a seasoned traveler like myself forgets this sometimes.  I should have been reminded by Road Warriorette's post on the same topic, if only it had been the week prior to my Orcas Island trip! Or if I had been using the uPackingList application for my iPhone I might have remembered as well. Normally I always have them in my … [Read more...]