Making Dinner at Ramekins Culinary School

After a full day of some of Trafalgar's best Northern California guided vacation highlights, including wine and olive oil tasting at Round Pond Estate, a lovely lunch at Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen, and Italian medieval adventures at Castello di Amorosa, we ended our day with dinner at Ramekins Culinary School.  I was familiar with this place as it was a venue for films and events when I worked at … [Read more...]

Napa Valley’s Castello di Amorosa

Located in Calistoga, the Castello di Amorosa is more than a winery, it is Disneyland for anyone who loves medieval Italian history! Think that sounds boring? You'd be so wrong! I absolutely could not take in everything, I wanted to take photos from every corner and will definitely be heading back. Not only that, but it is an awesome spot for families, seriously.  There is a farm full of … [Read more...]

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Top Chef Treat in Napa – Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen

Leaving Round Pond Estate where the #Trafalgar2012 group had the pleasure of olive and wine tasting in the most beautiful facility that I have seen in wine country, we headed into St. Helena for lunch and to what would be the biggest thrill for me during the entire weekend.  Despite being a Top Chef geek I have never been to any Top Chef alumni restaurant so when I learned we were going to Top … [Read more...]

Napa’s Round Pond Estate

Bright and early on the last day of my trip with Trafalgar, the group headed out to Round Pond Estate, an olive oil orchard and winery in Rutherford (near Napa). Like the wine blending we did at Ravenswood Winery this spot is considered a ‘Local Specialty from Trafalgar's Northern California guided vacations, and it is very special.  Round Pond Estate is by far the most beautiful winery I have … [Read more...]

Sonoma’s El Dorado Kitchen

After a wonderful morning of wine blending at Ravenswood Winery, the #Trafalgar2012 group hopped in the coach and headed into downtown Sonoma for lunch at El Dorado Kitchen. It was another facet of the Northern California guided vacation that the I experienced with the amazing Trafalgar team - the total satisfaction of my inner foodie, okay who am I's both inner and outer with me! … [Read more...]

Wine-blending at Ravenswood Winery in Sonoma

After spending some time in San Francisco, the Trafalgar team rounded everyone up onto one of their lovely coaches and we headed out of town towards the wine country.  We made a quick stop to check out the Golden Gate Bridge which, as usual, was being coy as she hid behind late morning fog.  No matter, our enthusiasm could not be dampened, we had some very special activities on the agenda for the … [Read more...]

Tourist in My Town – San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury

For a long time I've wanted to do a series on things to do in San Francisco (and another on things to do on day-trips outside of San Francisco).  I have a whole list of activities and places to include and write about. But it has continued to be just a list.   Unitl now! I present to you the first Tourist in My Town on the hazy, crazy neighborhood of Haight-Ashbury! As part of a … [Read more...]

The Trafalgar Team – a band of merry travelers

Before diving into the posts on my experiences with Trafalgar in Northern California I want to round out my introductions. I already acquainted you with the delightful CEO, Gavin Tollman, but now I want you to meet the rest of the Trafalgar team. Whenever you do an organized vacation, location plays a prime role, but equally important are the people who are facilitating your vacation … [Read more...]

Trafalgar from the top

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to be invited by Traflagar to participate in a sampling of highlights from one their Northern California guided vacations.  I am going to be writing about the wonderful experiences that I had jam-packed into three days and my impressions of the locations (and of course the food!), but I think there is something really important to write about first. A company … [Read more...]