San Francisco for the Holidays

San Francisco for the holidays doesn't get any better! So if you are in the city this holiday season, you might want to check out the following things to do, see, eat or drink. Things to Do Our [usually] mild weather lends the opportunity to do a lot more outdoors things and take in more of the gorgeous city! Winter Walk SF > Winter Walk SF is an open plaza in the heart of Union … [Read more...]

5 Places to Eat Oysters in San Francisco

It's oyster season in San Francisco! And, along with the dungeness crab season that comes later in November, it is one of my favorite times of year in the Bay Area! San Francisco is lucky to have oysters all year round, but at this time of year, there are far more varieties to choose from. I wanted to share my favorites so here are 5 places to eat oysters in San Francisco. And maybe, just … [Read more...]

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Classic San Francisco Food Treats

Last week I had the pleasure of experiencing some real classic San Francisco food treats.  I had some global team meetings for work with a colleague visiting from London. Always a good time to be a food tourist!  [Note: this is a long post and at the end a little announcement!] One place that I have wanted to try for a very long time, so close to my office so no excuse, is AK Subs.  There is … [Read more...]

Let me see your Lobster Roll

Yes, I did have the rhythm of 69 Boyz "Let me see your tootsie roll" in my head when I wrote that title.  Forgive me. I couldn't help it. I am not a fan of rap, but I am Gen Xer and was raised on MTV. Sometimes it just comes out at the worst times! I digress..and I haven't even started! This post is about the Waterbar restaurant in San Francisco and the awesome lobster roll that I ate … [Read more...]