Southwest Road Trip 2012 Day 10: Moab to Las Vegas

When we originally planned our trip we were going to fly into Las Vegas and fly out of Salt Lake City, but when I went to book a car for our trip and configured it for the drop-off at a different airport the price doubled! We decided to drive the seven hours back to Las Vegas and stay the night at the Element in Red Rock Canyon and fly home from Vegas. Even with fuel-ups and the extra hotel night, … [Read more...]

Southwest Road Trip 2012 Day 9: Sorrel River Ranch, Canyonlands and dust storms oh my!

Having arrived in Moab to stay at Sorrel River Ranch the day before to much needed rest, we woke up feeling a little more refreshed. We had breakfast in our little kitchen and prepared for the day. We had a choice between Arches and Canyonlands and went with the later because we hoped it would be less crowded. When we left Sorrel it was a bit windy but we didn't pay much attention to it as we … [Read more...]

Southwest Road Trip 2012 Day 8: Monutment Valley to Moab and Sorrel River Ranch

Day 8 was a travel day for us.  We slept in a bit and had a picnic breakfast in our room while enjoying the view of Monument Valley.  Our destination for the day was Moab where we would be staying at Sorrel River Ranch for a luxurious 2-day stay prior to heading home.  The drive from Monument Valley to Moab is three hours and we had planned a stop along the way. We took a little side road onto … [Read more...]

Southwest Road Trip 2012 Day 7: Monument Valley

I woke up Day 7 not feeling too hot.  Despite having a great time with the guys of Dreamland Safari Tours visiting White Pocket and Cottonwood Cove and then touring through the Grand Staircase-Escalante area I was starting to feel run down.  Too much sun and not enough rest. We slept in a bit as the drive from Page to Monument Valley is only 2.5 hours.  Still when we did hit the road I ended up … [Read more...]

Southwest Road Trip 2012 Day 6: Photography Tour through Grand Staircase-Escalante

By Day 6 I was feeling a bit tired, the previous day in both White Pocket and Cottonwood Cove had been amazing, but the heat and driving and lack of sleep was sneaking up on me.  We rose early and headed back to Kanab to meet Will James, our guide for the day and owner of Dreamland Safari Tours.  We were going to spend the day doing a photography tour through The Grand Staircase-Escalante National … [Read more...]

Southwest Road Trip 2012 Day 5 (Part 2): Cottonwood Cove in South Coyote Buttes

Having spent a magnificent morning photographing White Pocket in the Paria Canyon of Arizona we headed to Cottonwood Cove which is part of South Coyote Buttes.  I don't want to say that Cottonwood Cove was a let down, because it was totally amazing, but it was no White Pocket! Nonetheless we had a really great time capturing the area as you can see in the photos below. There are some unique … [Read more...]

Southwest Road Trip 2012 Day 5 (Part 1): The Wave Lottery and White Pocket

I swear to God this series is going to kill me, but I will complete it if it's the last thing I do! Our trip schedule was just so extreme I had no time to write except for quick notes in my trusty Moleskine and when I got back from my trip I had 2000 photos and a busy work schedule which prevented me from getting this damn trip documented!  I am trying to figure out a system for my upcoming trip … [Read more...]

Southwest Road Trip 2012 Day 4: Antelope Canyon

Still with me?  We started in Vegas and drove to Zion.  Then spent a day in Zion stopping in several spots around the park. After that we headed to Page to do some river-rafting. Whew! Now you are all caught up. Day 4 was a luxury as it was the first day since we started our vacation that I didn't have to get up at five in the morning! Our plan for the day was to visit Antelope Canyon for a … [Read more...]

Southwest Road Trip 2012 Day 3: Zion to Page

Having missed the sunrise at the Zion National Park Museum the previous day, we woke up at 5:30 (again) so that we could get there in time to see it happen!  Mr. Misadventures headed to the meadow behind the museum to set-up his camera and I parked myself on a bench very jealous of the others around me who had nice warm mugs of coffee in hand as they waited the arrival of the sun! It was pretty … [Read more...]

Misadventures in Macro Photography

Who knew that macro photography could be so fraught with danger. Okay, maybe that is a little too dramatic. It's more likely that when you combine a total klutz (me) with learning a new skill (photography) and a propensity for taking photos up close things are just bound to happen. In reality most of my misadventures have had nothing to do with me being klutz which is a whole other aspect of life … [Read more...]

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