Southwest Road Trip 2012 Day 9: Sorrel River Ranch, Canyonlands and dust storms oh my!

Having arrived in Moab to stay at Sorrel River Ranch the day before to much needed rest, we woke up feeling a little more refreshed. We had breakfast in our little kitchen and prepared for the day. We had a choice between Arches and Canyonlands and went with the later because we hoped it would be less crowded. When we left Sorrel it was a bit windy but we didn't pay much attention to it as we … [Read more...]

Southwest Road Trip 2012 Day 8: Monutment Valley to Moab and Sorrel River Ranch

Day 8 was a travel day for us.  We slept in a bit and had a picnic breakfast in our room while enjoying the view of Monument Valley.  Our destination for the day was Moab where we would be staying at Sorrel River Ranch for a luxurious 2-day stay prior to heading home.  The drive from Monument Valley to Moab is three hours and we had planned a stop along the way. We took a little side road onto … [Read more...]