Social Media Sunday – Blog Tools and Trainings

I have found myself answering the question about what tools I use a lot lately, mainly offline over lunch and coffee.  But I have also received emails asking what I use for "this" or "that."  So I decided to write this post that I can direct people to and that can be used as a reference. Besides being a blogger, I am a social media practitioner.  It's my day job.  I run a social media program … [Read more...]

Social Media Sunday – Protect Yourself with 2-Factor Authentication

I have been wanting to write this post for a while, but it was another friend getting their Gmail account hacked this week that prompted me to complete it. These days, hacking is a weekly event, on the news or internet in a frighteningly frequent basis. The days of not taking our internet security seriously are over. I was lucky that this topic was on my radar far earlier than most. Due to … [Read more...]

Social Media Sunday – Social Media for a Cause

"You have a cancer." That is probably one of the hardest things to hear in your life. Thankfully, those are not words that I or those in my immediate family have heard.  [My family hears, "they have Alzheimer's..."] But with cancer, it is only a matter of time.  My family will be touched.  And likely yours. This story starts with a poster on BART.  Sometimes on the train it is … [Read more...]

Social Media Sunday – FTC Guideline Update (Bloggers this impacts YOU)

This is not going to be a very long post as there is exceptional content out there from really great sources on this topic, but I wanted to bring this information to the attention of my readers in case you have not come across it in your regular blog readings. In 2009 the FTC published guidelines that impacted bloggers (I blogged about them here).  Most bloggers and a lot of brands ignored … [Read more...]

Social Media Sunday – That Darn Google Reader

The demise of Google Reader is not new news.  There have been hints of it for sometime, but last week Google confirmed that the RSS will definitely be going away July 1st.  There are a ton of great articles on alternatives from all the normal sources such as Mashable, ExtremeTech, CNet and Lifehacker so I am not going to list them here. What I am going to say is: start early. I have spent … [Read more...]

Social Media Sunday – The Patron Project – Cultivating the Next Generation of Artists

A few weeks ago I had the honor and the privilege of attending a very special launch event for The Patron Project, a collaborative effort from TRI (Tamalpais Recording Institute) the studios owned by The Grateful Dead's Bob Weir and Swirl an interactive agency in San Francisco.  The event was intended to bring together brands and musicians, as well as media and agencies to discuss the idea of … [Read more...]

Social Media Sunday – Violated

This may be the last FourSquare check-in that I do. It came at a high cost, one that was very unexpected. As an avid blogger and social media practitioner I utilize a wide variety of social media channels both personally and professionally.  Being the Type-A personality that I am, I don't do anything half-ass, so when I am on a social channel, I'm on it.  Not only does it help build an online … [Read more...]

Social Media Sunday on Saturday – Feedburner goes up in smoke

I am flipping things around today.  Saturday Six will be on Sunday and Social Media Sunday is today.  Considering today is the day that Google's Feedburner service is shutting down, I thought it was important to post it.  There are several great articles on the topic, including this one from Tech Crunch as well as this very thorough one from Melissa at MomComm. For Misadventures with Andi, I … [Read more...]

Social Media Sunday – Honing your blogging content

About a year or so into my blogging career I began floundering a bit, not really sure of the direction I was going with this space or having a true understanding of how I could improve metrics such as traffic, comments, my Alexa ranking, etc. At that time I was fortunate to meet someone online who I bonded with immediately. We became fast friends, but our relationship eventually represented … [Read more...]

Social Media Sunday – My Blog Giveaway Tips

I thought I would use this week's Social Media Sunday to cover my thoughts and tips on giveaways. I have done giveaways for the past several years here on Misadventures with Andi and in a professional capacity as a social media manager for my employer. The giveaways have had success and failures and by sharing my experiences I hope you can benefit from them.  I am definitely not an expert so … [Read more...]