Introverts Guide to Blogging Conferences

Blogging conference season is well under way.  There are a ton of conference guides out there and I wouldn't dare to duplicate them, but I haven't seen one out there for introverts.  As a member of that "tribe", I can tell you that you can successfully attend a blogging conference, make connections and contacts while still keeping your sanity. So I've created this Introverts Guide to Blogging … [Read more...]

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Today’s My SITS Day!

Getting spotlighted on the SITS Girls site is like Christmas for bloggers!  I have been waiting like a good girl (it takes a bit of time to make it happen) and MY day has arrived. I have been a fan of the SITS Girls for quite a long time, the Bloggy Boot Camp in Las Vegas in October 2009, one of several blogging conferences I attended my first full year of blogging, was my favorite and as I … [Read more...]

Bloggy Boot Camp Day!

I have been to my fair share of blogging conferences.  From Blissdom to Blogher and lots in between.  But when I look back on all of the ones I have attended in the last four years, I still prefer the Bloggy Boot Camps offered by the SITS girls. The reason?  Intimacy and support. Today is Bloggy Boot Camp Day, a day in which Tiffany and Francesca have asked people who have previously attended a … [Read more...]

Misadventures in San Diego – Gaslamp Edition

A sponsored post on Kirsten Alana's blog last week about the port of San Diego got me thinking about writing a post on this sensational city myself. Over the past year I have been to San Diego several times for conferences, meetings and for pleasure. With the upcoming Blogher conference and thousands of bloggers descending on the city, I thought I'd share my thoughts on San Diego. No matter when … [Read more...]

This Week in Photos #3: Film Geekery and Food

As a total film nut, I think I am pretty lucky to have the job that I do.  Being the social media manager at a company that is knee-deep into the film and entertainment business means I get lots of chances to get my inner film geek on!  And that is exactly what I did this past Monday and Tuesday when my company held a private film festival for media in our San Francisco office.  I was responsible … [Read more...]

Just curious: Paris bloggers in London?

When I did my recent write-up on my experience at the SITS Bloggy Boot Camp in San Diego a couple people commented about wishing there could be an English blogging conference in Paris. Well how about London? I'd like to do an initial survey to see if people are interested in doing a one-day blogging conference on a Saturday in London. I have created this really short survey to get an idea of … [Read more...]

(How to avoid) Misadventures in Blogging

I am quickly approaching the three-year mark for my little corner of the world.  And while there are many others who have been blogging for a lot longer, there are still a lot of new bloggers joining the community every day.  As I travel through the blogosphere on a weekly basis reading over 400 blog posts each week, I also see a lot of new bloggers making some simple mistakes which are very easy … [Read more...]

Conference Brief – SITS Bloggy Boot Camp in San Diego

I spent the weekend in San Diego at the Bloggy Boot Camp put on by of the fabulous Tiffany Romero co-founder of SITS.  My first conference experience with SITS was in October of 2009 when I went to SITScation in Las Vegas.  Although I had been to several blogging conferences leading up to that point, I was not prepared for what I found that day. It was intimate. It was inclusive. It was … [Read more...]

Guest-post Michele Brown: Here and There in Oakland

I "met" Michele Brown when I did an open call on Twitter for guest-posters. She is a fellow SITS gal which means she is all about the support!  When I saw that she was an Oakland native, the town I live next to but know relatively little about, I jumped at the chance to have her write about her favorite spots. Michele is the author of papoe, a blog about her life as a part-time worker, sometime … [Read more...]

Blissdom 2010 recap

First some housekeeping notes. Unfortunately, this post is going to be a little LONG, it is hard to recap several days in a single post without it getting a long (as you know from my Paris Road Trip Reports). So before I get into this post I just wanted to tell you a few things. That way if you don't want to read the recap, you will still get this info. First, it would be really great if you … [Read more...]