J’adore – My Favorite RV Lifestyle Gear – Wardrobe Edition

Now that I shared some of our trip highlights and I gave you a peek into our budget, I thought I might share some of the gear that made Project Escape enjoyable. The most important part of RVing, except for all the fun you are going to have in it, is what you put in it.  The two critical things you have to take into account is limited space and weight restrictions.  One of the most dangerous … [Read more...]

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These shoes are made for walking….

Hello girlfriends! So I am much better coordinated this week, no wardrobe malfunctions thus far, or least ones that I am willing to share. I had to go out and buy new shoes though...now before you think - well that is a tough problem to have..try to find shoes that are ultra-comfortable which don't make you look like a school marm or nurse! Not easy! I HAD to go out and buy shoes because I am … [Read more...]