Sandwich Travels

August is National Sandwich month! Despite not being a huge fan of sandwiches, there are many that I love around the world and I thought it would be fun to share my favorites. France - my absolute favorite is ham and butter on a baguette, a classic.  When I first move to France I thought this was the most bizarre combination, that is, until I tasted it. Forget mustard. Forget mayonnaise. The … [Read more...]

The Big Cheese of Sandwiches: A Conversation with Jeff Mauro

Last Tuesday was National Cheese Day. To celebrate the occasion Food Network star, sandwich afficiando and all around good guy, Jeff Mauro teamed up with Cracker Barrel to celebrate.  I was thrilled when they reached out to me to offer an interview.  I am a huge fan of Jeff's having watched him earn his spot amongst other Food Network chefs in Season 7 of Food Network Star, I've cheered him as he … [Read more...]

National Sandwich Day

Today is the birthday of John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sandwich. Mr. Montagu wanted to eat with one hand during a 24-hour gambling event, so he instructed his servants to serve him his meat between two slices of bread. Tah-dah, the sandwich!  And to celebrate the occasion, November 3 is now celebrated as National Sandwich Day! When it comes to sandwiches I can be pretty darn picky. I don't go … [Read more...]

Bacon Bacon Truck San Francisco

Finally! This truck launched in San Francisco with a fanfare.  It was written up Thrillist and other local news and foodie sites.  It is even featured in the Food Network's food trucks local competition. But who cares about all that...I just wanted to eat the bacon! I tracked it on Facebook for weeks trying to catch them when they were near my office (I don't have a car) and finally, finally, I … [Read more...]

This Week in Photos #5: On the road, on the red and always food

I arrived back from Blogher which took place in San Diego on Sunday. San Francisco weather delayed my flight home by nearly three hours which allowed me to catch up on blog reading, but left little of my Sunday to get organized ahead of a busy week.  Mr. Misadventures was suffering from jetlag having just arrived back from 10 days in Tokyo and three days in Copenhagen and he promptly fell asleep … [Read more...]

Classic San Francisco Food Treats

Last week I had the pleasure of experiencing some real classic San Francisco food treats.  I had some global team meetings for work with a colleague visiting from London. Always a good time to be a food tourist!  [Note: this is a long post and at the end a little announcement!] One place that I have wanted to try for a very long time, so close to my office so no excuse, is AK Subs.  There is … [Read more...]

I am not a glutton

I am not a glutton—I am an explorer of food.”  ― Erma Bombeck If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you will quickly realize that I travel mainly through my stomach.  Heck, even when I am not traveling, I live this way! I recently wrote an interview series with Nathalie Hamidi who posed several questions to me around the topic of travel and food. (The interviews are in … [Read more...]

Tips for Enjoying Venice

I described our eventful arrival in Venice resulting in my number 1 Venice travel tip. I hope that aided in helping you figure out your approach to getting to your hotel. And now for the fun stuff.  What to do. There is one thing about how my husband and I travel. We rarely do all the tourist sites.  We know that may mean missing out on something that is a "must-see" but it is our style of … [Read more...]

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Let me see your Lobster Roll

Yes, I did have the rhythm of 69 Boyz "Let me see your tootsie roll" in my head when I wrote that title.  Forgive me. I couldn't help it. I am not a fan of rap, but I am Gen Xer and was raised on MTV. Sometimes it just comes out at the worst times! I digress..and I haven't even started! This post is about the Waterbar restaurant in San Francisco and the awesome lobster roll that I ate … [Read more...]