5 of America’s Most Unique Lavender Farms

Summer is just heating up and that means one thing to me. Lavender. There is nothing quite like walking through a heady field of lavender. As your senses take in the deep piney-floral aroma of the beautiful purple flowers, it's easy for your mind to wander to the south of France. However, you don't have to hop on a plane to Aix-en-Provence to visit a lavender farm, there are hundreds of … [Read more...]

Lummi Island

If you have been following along the last couple of days you will know that I traveled to the Willows Inn which is located on Lummi Island in the San Juan Islands for an epicurean adventure. You can read about the inn as well as my delicious dinner in the two posts I wrote (the snacks and the meal) as well as the background on how I made the decision to go to the island in the first place. Over … [Read more...]

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Willows Inn Lummi Island

So where did all the culinary goodness I wrote about take place? At a very special place.  The Willows Inn.  A property that has been servicing Pacific Northwesterners for a century.  These days the focus is on the food that chef Blaine Wetzel creates on a nightly basis, food that has brought worldwide (much deserved) acclaim, but as the San Juan Islands hold a very special place in my heart the … [Read more...]

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A meal at The Willows Inn Lummi Island (Part 2)

Ballet. Discipline. Harmony. Home. These were the words that kept popping into my head as I spent an evening in the presence of epicurean mastery at The Willows Inn on Lummi Island in the San Juan Islands. I wrote about the first part of our meal, the procession of snacks, a few days ago, and prior to moving into the first of our 5-courses, Mr. Misadventures (by permission of the chef) … [Read more...]

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A meal at The Willows Inn Lummi Island (Part 1) The Snacks

After traveling by plane, car and ferry to get to the Willows Inn on Lummi Island, I was anxious to begin the meal I had been thinking about eating for four months (see the background post here).  I will be posting about my weekend on the island and my stay at the Inn, but I just need to get this post out of my brain.  I have been back from Lummi a week and it is still on my mind, and likely will … [Read more...]

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A meal at The Willows Inn Lummi Island – the background

Every year Mr. Misadventures and I head to one of the many islands in the San Juan chain. So far we have been to Lopez Island, Orcas Island, the main San Juan Island in our discoveries. We come to these islands because they feel like home.  We love the Pacific Northwest. The weather, the greenness, the water, the smell.  And while my heart belongs to Paris, my hearth will likely be in these … [Read more...]

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Trip Report – Orcas Island

Unlike my trip to Lopez Island last year, my venture to Orcas Island was a quick trip on a long weekend.  I would say four days is probably one day too short to make it worth the time to go up to the San Juan Islands from the Bay Area, but I enjoyed in nonetheless. It takes one day of travel time to get there.  First flight out from San Francisco to Seattle.  A two hour drive to the Anacortes … [Read more...]

Trip Report – Lopez Island, Washington

During the summers between my sophomore-and-junior and junior-and-senior years of high school, I had the opportunity to sail through the San Juan Islands (above Seattle, WA and below Vancouver B.C.) on a 90-ft mast sailboat with 15 other lovely teenage girls including my best friends Jen, Jen, and Kari. We had an absolute blast, it was hard work and lots of adventure with the only male crew … [Read more...]