My San Francisco Guide

I get lots of questions about San Francisco so I decided to put together all the posts that I've written about one of the best cities in the world do that you'll have the information in one place. (You're welcome!) San Francisco Neighborhood Guides In my San Francisco Profile series, I interviewed locals from some of the most famous neighborhoods. At the bottom of each interview is my little … [Read more...]

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A Peek into Chez Moi

For several reasons that I am not going to go into, the Misadventures Clubhouse (a.k.a. the place where we live) is officially on the market.  Not for dates...for sale.  I haven't shown very much of our home, but now that it is sort of out there on the interwebs, at least in the San Francisco Bay Area, I thought I would share a peek into chez moi.  It is another way for you to get to know more of … [Read more...]