Reader Spotlight: Jen of Memoirs of a Dutiful X'er

Today is a very special Reader Spotlight as this reader is near and dear to my heart.  I am not sure if she found me or if I found her, but Jennifer James has been around these parts for quite awhile, comments starting in February 2009.  She is the "oldest" blogging friend I have that is still blogging. And I adore her! Jennifer blogs at Memoirs of a Dutiful X'er (formerly Are you there God, it’s … [Read more...]

Reader Spotlight: Jennie of a Lady in France

When I went on vacation to France in May I took the opportunity to highlight three bloggers in a newly minted Reader Spotlight series. I started the series for several reasons.  One of which was that when I went a long vacations I tended to have a lot of guest-posters fill in for my absence, but those posts did not get much interaction and I felt bad for the writers. So I decided instead to … [Read more...]

Reader Spotlight: Alisa Bowman

No Saturday Six post today instead I would like to spotlight another wonderful reader and friend, Alisa Bowman.  Alisa gives free marriage advice and help on her at Project Happily Ever After.  Not only that, in December her book by the same name launched and is a big hit. Despite having known Alisa for awhile now, there are still a few things I was curious about so I asked if she would be … [Read more...]

Reader Spotlight: Andi Perullo

Since I am out on vacation I am not posting a Saturday Six so instead of highlighting six posts from the past week, I am spotlighting one awesome reader.  And just like the name of her blog My Beautiful Adventures, Andi Perullo is a beautiful lady with a huge heart and a traveling soul. We have been blogging pals for quite awhile and I hope our paths meet soon...with all the traveling we both do, … [Read more...]

Reader Spotlight: Carolyn Jung

I spend a lot of time highlighting my French blogging friends with my A Passion for Paris and Beyond Paris series so I decided it was time to spotlight a few other readers who have been around these parts for awhile but don't necessarily live in France. I timidly sent out three requests to three bloggers close to my heart and they all agreed!  Now the dilemma was, who to go first?  I could not … [Read more...]